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In this reality, the old X-Men defeated Krakoa the Living Island, and so the new X-Men composed of international members was never assembled by Professor X. Nevertheless, the X-Men did encounter Ororo and Wolverine, the leader of Alpha Flight in this reality, during other missions. Another difference was that Jean Grey was never replaced by the Phoenix, as their mission against Larry Trask's Sentinels ended with Polaris safely landing their space shuttle with her magnetic powers.

However, this resulted in the Phoenix taking residence within Earth's sun. Rather than let the Shi'ar detonate the sun in order to destroy it, Cyclops volunteered for a suicide mission wherein he would allow the Phoenix Force to merge with his physical body, which would then be killed. Luckily for him, he was replaced by this reality's Nightcrawler, who had become an enemy of the X-Men due to the influence of Eric the Red, and sought to make amends after learning of the X-Men's self-sacrifice.

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