The X-Men were confronting Mister Sinister when he attempted to use a genetic mutation cleansing ray to leave them powerless. Mister Sinister was stopped by Iceman, who accidentally lost his power in the process of defeating the villain. With no more powers, he was kicked out of the team.[1]

Few hours before the premiere of X-Men: First Class, Deadpool tried to reconicliate Professor X and Magneto, as they recalled their early years during the '60s, as a music band, spreading a messsage of love and peace, until Magneto decided to leave the team and start a solo career. It was later revealed those weren't actually the world's true memories of the '60s, as Professor X had erased the real ones.[2]

The X-Men flew in the Blackbird for a mission to infiltrate Asteroid M. However, Wolverine had forgotten to fill the jet's gas tank, and it crash landed near the X-Mansion.[3]

For Cyclops' birthday, the X-Men hired Doctor Strange as a magician, but his act was boo-ed and the mutant team made fun of him. For revenge, Stephen summoned Obnoxio the Clown, who started taunting the X-Men. However, as soon as Strange showed his support for Obnoxio, the Clown got angry at him for interrupting his "show." Obnoxio proceeded to make fun of Strange and finally beat him up with a baseball bat for the X-Men's amusement.[4]

The X-Men later attended the Avengers Tower Halloween Party.[5]


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