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When she returned from the dead, Jean Grey decided to propose the United Nations to recognize mutants as a nation and bring them into the UN to work together with humans towards a more peaceful future. When she confided this idea with Nightcrawler, he suggested forming a team to offer her support and protection. After Jean gave a speech at the UN, Cassandra Nova incriminated her with the murder of the United Kingdom's ambassador. Nightcrawler teleported Jean to Wakanda for safety together with Wolverine and Honey Badger, who spectacted the speech.[1]

Jean's attention was soon drawn to help the Indian mutant Trinary.[2] After Jean and her allies rescued her, they were attacked on their return to Wakanda by Storm,[3] who was under the influence of both Cassandra Nova and one of her Sentinites. When Storm tried to kill herself due to the Sentinite's instructions, Wakandan mutant Gentle stepped in and saved her. After extracting the Sentinite from Storm and learning that an enemy was after her, Jean opted to move her base of operations underwater, where Namor had previously offered her asylum. Additionally, Trinary and the Wakanans designed the team special suits that could act as a firewall in case of a Sentinite infection. Jean declared the formation of the team as the beginning of her dream of a mutant nation.[4]

After helping a group of Polish mutants find asylum in X-Lantis,[5] Jean sent part of her team to retrieve audio files from the deceased ambassador to clear her name. Concurrently, Jean used Searebro to sweep the world to find the culprit, and managed to learn that Cassandra Nova was behind the scheme. Nova infected Teen Abomination with a Sentinite and sent him after Atlantis.[6] After the X-Men stopped Teen Abomination's rampage and obtained the recordings from the deployed members, these were broadcast worldwide, clearing Jean's name and doubling down on her message of tolerance.[7]

When Trinary attempted to use the Sentinite extracted from Storm to locate its source, she learned that Cassandra Nova intended to release swarms of Sentinites on every major city. Trinary's teammates joined forces with her to sustain the strain of using her powers on such scale, and she managed to destroy all traces of the microscopic robots. In retaliation, Cassandra Nova took control of Prestige, Jean's daughter in an alternate timeline, to have them face-off,[8] but Jean managed to rescue her.[9]

Using her powers, Cassandra took hostage several commercial planes and hijacked the Helicarrier of the South Korean National Intelligence Service to turn it into her personal army. She intended to force Jean to go to war, but before going to Genosha, Jean enlisted Tony Stark's help to create a supply of countless replicas of Magneto's Helmet to force into the people under Nova's sway to set them free.[10] Due to this turn of events, Nova caused one of the nuclear reactors aboard the Hellicarier to explode, with the intention to bring down the aircraft on the island. With the help of the Avengers, the X-Men managed to detonate the Helicarrier before it reached the ground. Nova was ultimately defeated when Jean installed a reprogrammed Sentinite into her mind to make her feel empathy for the first time in her life. Cassandra was instantly filled with regret for her actions, and Jean promised to help her atone. With the crisis averted, Jean addressed the United Nations again to share her dream of a unity between mutants and humans.[11]



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