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  • Cyclops' motorcycle

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After having left the X-Men to go at Alkali lake, just as Professor X told him, Logan stops to fill Cyclops' motorbikes' gas tank. He then finds out that Sabretooth had been tracking him...After a fight between the two, Logan notices that Sabretooth has dog tags similar as his. He then understands they started on the wrong foot. He forces Sabretooth to offer him a couple of drinks. The two start having a conversation, in which they talk about the fact that they both lost their memories. Apparently, Sabretooth is shocked by the few memories he has, memories in which he kills babies and old men. They are interrupted by William Stryker's men, who aim for Sabretooth, and, after having recognised him as "Weapon X", Wolverine. The two show instinctive team work, even of they don't know that they are actually brothers, but they are eventually brought down. The two wake up on a helicopter, and Sabretooth throws Logan out of it, sacrificing himself to have Wolverine saved.

In the end, Stryker, having noticed that the adamantium bonding didn't work on Victor's bones, ordered to his men to execute Sabretooth, while being resigned to the fact they have to be content with one new Adamantium success story, Deathstrike. Stryker expects they will see Wolverine again.


  • Wolverine's arrival in Canada takes place four days after the ending of the X-Men film. Between this and the epilogue taking place "several days later", it implies that the time between X-Men and X2 is at least a week.
  • Although Stryker orders Sabretooth to be killed, it is never shown what happens to Sabretooth after that, leaving his true fate unknown.
  • Strangely, in Origins: Wolverine, Stryker said that Victor's structure couldn't resist the adamantium bonding. Apparently, he was right.

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