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  • This series is based on the Fox Kids cartoon, and this first issue is based on the first episode Night of the Sentinels. However, as X-Men Adventures continued along and then became Adventures of the X-Men Vol 1 it became far distant from continuity set by the cartoon. Therefore, X-Men Adventures (and its follow-ups) takes place on Earth-TRN566 instead of Earth-92131, the universe of X-Men: The Animated Series.
  • Although Uatu the Watcher appeared in the comic, he was not in the original episode. Uatu's narration at the opening page made clear to the audience that this was an alternate universe (in the same fashion as his role in What If?), and therefore not the same as the Earth-616 X-Men, to help any readers avoid confusion. Ironically, the alterations away from the cartoon made by this series subsequently set X-Men Adventures as an alternate Earth to X-Men: The Animated Series, as mentioned above.
  • Aside from Uatu's inclusion, there were other differences between this comic and the episode:
    • After Jubilee escaped from the arcade, she doesn't bump into Storm and Rogue by accident, and the Sentinel already spotted her at the mall. Gambit's flirtation with the saleslady is also omitted (in this comic he's shown with Storm and Rogue as the Sentinel attacks Jubilee).
    • Cylcops arrived to the mall still wearing a jacket.
    • When Jubilee recovered at Xavier's school, she is greeted by Storm and is introduced to Wolverine. In the cartoon, she isn't greeted by anyone (as they were all busy with other things) and attempted to escape, eventually ending up in the Danger Room where she attacked Wolverine for attacking Gambit.
    • Since Wolverine was there to meet Jubilee, he wasn't in the Danger Room training with Gambit like his cartoon counterpart. Morph and Beast on the other hand, were in the Danger Room training with Gambit instead (in the cartoon, Morph was watching TV while Beast was working in his lab).
    • Jubilee managed to escape the X-Mansion while the Xavier held a meeting with the rest of the X-Men, and headed for home. On the cartoon, she escaped long after talking with Storm. Both situations resulted in the Sentinels capturing her near her house.
    • In the comic, none of the X-Men are aware that Jubilee had been kidnapped and proceed with the mission as planned. In the cartoon, Jean discovers that Jubilee is gone from the mansion and Wolverine briefly leaves the mission to track her down, then rejoined the mission when he discovered the trail went cold.
    • Earth-TRN566's Morph suddenly has a premonition of his death, which his Earth-92131 counterpart didn't have in the episode.

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