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  • this issue is based on the second X-Men: The Animated Series episode "Night of the Sentinels - Part II"
  • Events take place on Earth-TRN566 instead of Earth-92131 due to the differences between this issue and the cartoon episode it's based on:
    • As established in the prior issue, Morph had a premonition of his death, which continued in the opening page.
    • Wolverine, Storm, and Beast were in the paths of Sentinels so Morph got them out of the way before getting hit by a Sentinel blast. His Earth-92131 counterpart on the other hand, appeared to have died while getting Wolverine out of the way of the Sentinels.
    • Although Wolverine was angry at Cyclops in this issue over Beast and Morph being left behind, he didn't physically attack Cylcops or destroy his car the way his Earth-92131 counterpart did. Additionally, the bar confrontation is omitted from the story.
    • The President of the United States in this comic is a blonde male (who might be very loosely based on the then-President of the time, George H. W. Bush). This is a departure from Earth-92131's President, who's a brunette female.
    • The fight between the X-Men and the Sentinels is different. Among other things, Wolverine says "this one's for Morph" while quickly slicing a Sentinel's head. In the cartoon, he says "This one's for you, Morph" while attacking a Sentinel that was overpowering Rogue.
    • Jubilee assists in the fight by secretly turning on a drill press that smashed an unaware Sentinel, which didn't happen in the episode.
    • Storm attacks when the Sentinels attempt to escape, as opposed to the episode, where her Earth-92131 counterpart took part in the direct battle and tricked a Sentinel into going out into the open to attack it.
    • At the end, Cyclops and Jean talk about Jubilee's inclusion into the X-Men, unlike their cartoon counterparts, who discuss whether Cyclops did the right thing with what happened to Beast and Morph.
    • Uatu narrates the ending scene (as he did in the beginning of the first issue), while he never appeared in the episode.

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