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  • This issue is based on the X-Men: The Animated Series episode "Cold Vengeance". However, X-Men Adventures takes place on Earth-TRN566 and does not take place on Earth-92131 as there's major differences between the comic and the episode.
    • The young Inuit who resents Wolverine in this issue is named Keuwock while his cartoon version is Kiyoek.
    • Keuwock and his Earth-92131 counterpart Kiyoek differ physically, as Keuwock was trim, had short hair, sported a goatee, and wore a "New York" t-shirt. Kiyoek on the other hand is more heavyset, clean-shaven, and has long hair. His clothes are also more plain by comparison to Keuwock.
    • In the comic, Sabretooth is about to crush Wolverine with a boulder before being stopped by Keuwock. In the cartoon Sabretooth prepared to make Wolverine fall from a high cliff before Kiyoek intervened.
    • In the process of saving Wolverine, Keuwock is killed by Sabretooth. This diverges further from Earth-92131 as Kiyoek survived after saving Wolverine, instead.
    • Pooyetah tells Wolverine that the tribe will need to move to the government settlement until their homes are rebuilt. On Earth-92131, Pooyetah told Wolverine that the tribe will now have to move to the city, a wish that many of their members had; and that Kiyoek and other young members of the tribe will teach them a new way to live.

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