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Appearing in "One Day at the Mansion"

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Synopsis for "One Day at the Mansion"

The story opens up with all of our heroes enjoying a quiet day with a game of baseball with all of them split up in two teams. The game is resting on Storm at bat with first and second bases loaded. Cyclops and Jean Grey arrive on motorcycles to announce that hot dogs and hamburgers were nearly ready. Before the game can be resolved to its end, a rogue Sentinel crashes the game. The heroes seeing the Sentinel in the air, prepare for an attack. Cyclops, using his optic blast, knocks the Sentinel into nearby power lines. As the Sentinel lies there, its tells the heroes why its there, triggering a flashback. After telling the warnings, the Sentinel slowly dies, causing the heroes to take sides on the matter of a killer machine or sympathetic awareness. As tensions rise higher, Caliban steps in with words of wisdom about how Professor Xavier would handle the subject and manages to get the whole crew down to poolside for a swim. Later on, we find that Scott Summers cannot grill hamburgers. Aside from playing jokes on each other and an aggressive ping-pong match, Hank manages to get every into a group photo.


This issue contains John Paul Leon's Bonus Sketch Book pages of Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix.

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