Quote1 You can't build a cathedral on the head of a pin. When a species passes a certain point in its decline, it can't be saved. Quote2
-- Beast

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  • Limo

Synopsis for "Prologue"

The X-Men and their students are at the funeral for a mutant boy they once failed to recruit, and recently got caught in their crossfire. Cyclops has a hard time coping with it especially since he can't remember the deceased boy's name, and has a talk to his parents. He later also has a pep talk with Wolverine who convinces Scott to never give up the fight. During the funeral, Mercury and some other students show their feelings towards having been to so many funerals in their short lives already, and that they aren't even sophomores yet.

After the funeral, Professor Xavier discovers that the priest at the funeral was none other than Sebastian Shaw using an image inducer, and they also have a conversation. Multiple Man suggests that Beast investigates what's going on with the mutants, and offers his and his duplicates aid.

Solicit Synopsis

Witness the death of a species...


  • This series serves as a prelude to the Messiah CompleX.
  • This one-shot sequels itself into 17 other back-up stories in several X-Men related titles. The first one begins in X-Men Vol 2 #200, runs through issues of New X-Men Vol 2, X-Factor Vol 3, Uncanny X-Men and concludes in X-Men Vol 2 #204.

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X-Men: Endangered Species
Prologue: X-Men: Endangered Species #1 Part I: X-Men #200 Part II: Uncanny X-Men #488 Part III: X-Factor #21 Part IV: New X-Men #40 Part V: X-Men #201
Part VI: Uncanny X-Men #489 Part VII: X-Factor #22 Part VIII: New X-Men #41 Part IX: X-Men #202 Part X: Uncanny X-Men #490 Part XI: X-Factor #23
Part XII: New X-Men #42 Part XIII: X-Men #203 Part XIV: Uncanny X-Men #491 Part XV: X-Factor #24 Part XVII & Part XVII: X-Men #204
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