Quote1 I just let it know that despite appearances, no species rules the Earth and that there's room for all of us. Quote2
-- Professor X

Appearing in "X-Men 101"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Arctic conglomerate entity

Other Characters:

  • Ship's captain
  • Arctic research team



  • Cerebro
  • Ice drill


  • Xavier's private jet (Pre-X-Jet)
  • Icebreaker (ship)

Synopsis for "X-Men 101"

In one of Bobby Drake's letters to his mother, he details one of the X-Men's earliest and untold exploits: The X-Men are battling animated plant-life when Beast begins to hear strange voices invade his mind. They manage to overcome the being and are promptly called back to the institute. Later, Angel escapes one of his classes but is swiftly confronted by the mental apparition of Xavier's head. The Professor tells Warren that although it may seem unfair, the X-Men will grow to become role-models for mutantkind. As time passes, Professor Xavier uses Cerebro to locate the creature in the woods; But as the X-Men arrive to investigate, they instead find a flock of irate birds. Their mentor suggests that the entity they've been fighting, might not be intentionally trying to harm them at all. They later travel to an ice drilling station where they stop a research team from boring through the Arctic ice sheet. Xavier opens his mind to the entity and it uses his body to telepathically communicate with the others. It explains that it (they) are a conglomerate plant-like organism in the last stages of their life. The drilling equipment is very close to piercing their body and they've been trying to communicate with the Professor for the past few days. The scientists, who were there collecting proof of rapid climate change, agree to stop drilling and the entity is grateful for their understanding and assistance. Back at the school, Bobby finishes his letter… then instantly destroys it; knowing that what he has written has to remain confidential.


  • X-Men: First Class is supposedly written within the mainstream Marvel Universe (Earth-616), though it contradicts or retcons numerous aspects of established continuity, such as the appearance and function of Cerebro.
  • X-Men: First Class appears to be set in the period before Jean Grey was given access to her telepathy.

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