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Quote1.png Truly, a warrior's end, to die by fire -- leaving naught but the barest hint... their like ever walked this earth. Quote2.png
Thor regarding the X-Men

Appearing in "A Cry of -- Vengeance!"

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Synopsis for "A Cry of -- Vengeance!"

Kitty Pryde organizes a project in which the X-Men place capsules combining Shi'ar technology with Lila Cheney's Tesseract. Rogue still has trouble dealing with her Knightcrawler form as she keeps tripping over her tail. Kurt Wagner gives her some advice on dealing with it, saying she should adapt to her new body instead of fighting it.

The Avengers arrive and Captain America announces that they have been ordered to bring the X-Men into custody. Cyclops tries reasoning with Cap, but the Avengers decide to take the X-Men by force. Sabretooth, who was trying to regrow his right arm with the help of Moira MacTaggart, joins the fight and saves Kitty from Hawkeye's arrow attack.Z

Elsewhere, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents allied with the Consortium leader work on reviving Zigfried Trask.

Back at the X-Mansion, Quicksilver pursues Rogue. Despite her teleporting powers, Quicksilver uses his speed to knock her down. Nightcrawler absorbs the Scarlet Witch's powers and uses them to trip Quicksilver. Spider-Woman attacks Remy, and 'Ro counterattacks with a lightning strike. As Thor promises to keep 'Ro safe, Cyclops disarms Mjolnir and Kitty attacks him with her claw.

At a State Orphanage in Nebraska, the orphan Gordo wonders what they should do if something breaks while Dr. Hanover is away on business. Nate replies that he will find a way and opens a closet to reveal the shadowed figure of Mr. Sinister.

Back at the X-Mansion, the X-Men continue holding off the Avengers, but Cyclops telepathically tells Jean that they are fighting a losing battle. Thor recovers his hammer and seemingly strikes 'Ro. As the Avengers gather around the body of "'Ro", the real 'Ro watches the scene in confusion. The X-Men run into the mansion, and Cyclops explains that Jean had created the illusion of her death.

The Avengers continue pursuing the X-Men until the Vision tells them that the capsules are emitting emergency broadcasts from Nick Fury. Suddenly, a mighty explosion engulfs the mansion, creating a large crater. Thor shields the Avengers from the blast with his hammer, and the Vision warns them of growing radiation levels. Soon, the Avengers believe that the X-Men died in the explosion.

Solicit Synopsis

The X-Men have been through extremely tough times, but now the earth's greatest super heroes, the Avengers are after them! They have been sent by S.H.E.I.L.D., unknown by the Avengers that they are under control of the Consortium. Upon arriving at the X-Mansion, they tell the X-Men to come with them. They refuse, and Cyclops tries to reason with them, but instead, a fight ensues. During the battle, 'Ro, who is just a holographic image, is hurt. The avengers then stop fighting and come to her side. Meanwhile the X-Men run into the mansion. Using Skrull technology, they simulate a huge explosion making it seem the entire area had been destroyed, tricking the Avengers, when they are actually there, just a split second out of sync with everything else.

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