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  • Power-Neutralizer gun


  • Bullet train
  • Starjammer pod

Synopsis for "Friends -- No More!"

Kitty Pryde and 'Ro eavesdrop on Matsu'o Tsurayaba and the Silver Samurai forging an alliance between Clan Yashida and the Hand. The Wolverine clone interrupts their ritual by jumping in and attacking the men at the meeting. Wolverine sniffs out Kitty and 'Ro and moves to attack them. However, Kitty instructs 'Ro to hold onto her and they phase out of the world. As earth spins on its axis, Kitty and 'Ro stay in the same place, ending up miles from their original location where they board a bullet train.

Meanwhile, Remy and Jean Grey track down 'Ro from a Starjammer pod. Aboard the train, 'Ro offers the idea of the X-Men taking a vacation. Remembering the time she and Remy almost kissed, Kitty says that probably would not be a good idea. Suddenly, the Wolverine clone enters the train by making a hole in the roof. Kitty and Wolverine claw at each other until 'Ro electrifies him. Lockheed blasts Wolverine with fire and Kitty kicks him out the window. However, when they finish their train ride, they are arrested by the local authorities.

'Ro and Kitty are soon released from custody and meet Mariko Yashida, who blames Jean Grey and the X-Men for making her lose the love of her life, Wolverine. Mariko turns them over to Ziggy Trask and her S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Remy and Jean Grey join the fight, and Ziggy fires a power-neutralizer gun at the X-Men. However, they retaliate with their normal fighting skills. With all the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents down, Remy and Jean Grey notice 'Ro is missing.

At the Embassy of Wakanda, Matsu'o Tsurayaba requests forming an alliance with Perfect Storm via a live screen projection. When Perfect Storm asks what she could gain from such an alliance, Mariko shows up and offers the Wakandan ruler 'Ro. Outside, Lockheed watches over 'Ro's kidnapping with anger.

Solicit Synopsis

TURNING JAPANESE! Ever since she got a claw of her own, Kitty Pryde’s been feeling …not herself. To put it mildly. And after barely surviving an encounter with the Marauders’ secret weapon, the young X-Man feels a strange, inexplicable pull towards the land of the rising sun. Of course, it can’t be a coincidence that said secret weapon is also stalking the streets of Tokyo, right? It’s gonna take more than just one claw for Kitty to make it through round two!!

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