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Quote1.png First the Marauders -- now Burnout -- always the surface world tries to make us extinct -- but we still survive! This is our domain -- you're not welcome here! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Stolen Lives!"

Featured Characters:

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Other Characters:

  • Seraph (Only in flashback) (First appearance)




  • X-Men Raptor

Synopsis for "Stolen Lives!"

At the hidden Xavier Institute, Lieutenant Daisy Dugan finds that Doctor Moira MacTaggert and Sabretooth have been abducted. Elsewhere, the Morlocks lead their two captives down a series of tunnels.

The X-Men return to the X-Mansion on the Raptor from their last mission, now carrying Rogue and Mystique. Mystique says she wants to join the X-Men because she has a debt to pay for Rogue and Kurt Wagner.

When they arrive at the Xavier estate, Cyclops says they can trust Spider-Man because he is their friend. Mystique exits the Raptor and asks for the same trust, but Nick Fury orders his S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to take her into custody. Kurt defends Mystique, saying she helped them fight the Neo-Sentinels. Nick still does not trust her, and Daisy Dugan tells them that Sabretooth and Dr. MacTaggert have been kidnapped.

In the Morlock's tunnels, Masque attempts to restore Sabretooth's missing hand, but his body rejects it. Masque says he and the Morlocks know she is using Sabretooth's healing factor as a cure for burnout, and orders her to develop the treatment.

Jean Grey uses Cerebro to track a flash-link on Sabretooth. Under Lieutenant Dugan's suggestion, Jean stays to call in back up if needed while Cyclops, Shadowcat, Gambit, and herself goes to find their lost members. 'Ro offers to tag along, but Gambit says she should stay because her powers are still unstable.

While Nick's S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents attempt to interrogate Mystique, Kurt and Rogue discuss whether or not they can trust their mother. Nick arrives on the scene and Mystique reminds him that she saved his life during World War II while they fought side by side.

Back at the Morlocks' tunnels, Dr. MacTaggert works on Masque's request for a cure for burnout, but she ultimately deems the task unimaginable with her current resources. Masque decides she needs a little "incentive" to boost her productivity, so he tortures Sabretooth. The Dugan's X-Men team hear Sabretooth's screams and decide to go investigate. However, 'Ro secretly follows them.

Above the tunnels, one of Ziggy's S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents picks up "metahuman activity" in the Cold War tunnel network beneath Manhattan and relays this information to Director Ziggy Trask. Trask orders the Agent to dispatch and Alpha-Strike Team on the location.

Nick Fury still does not trust in Mystique, and tells Jean to look inside her head. However, she only sees "total chaos".

Dr. MacTaggert tries giving a Morlock a makeshift cure to burnout, but the experiment backfires. Masque orders his Morlocks to attack the doctor, but Dugan's team arrives to save her. Cyclops hears a noise from behind and notices 'Ro. Masque uses the distraction to place his hands on the faces of Cyclops and Gambit, making them deformed.

Solicit Synopsis

Still reeling from the explosive events of Issue #1, the world is now contemplating what life without the X-Men will be like. Some mourn, others rejoice, and still others continue to search for answers. But answers can come from the unlikeliest places… including one of New York City’s biggest super heroes. DON’T MISS A MOMENT OF THIS GROUNDBREAKING SERIES FROM X-MEN ICON CHRIS CLAREMONT! WITH ART BY ORIGINAL SERIES ARTIST TOM GRUMMETT!


  • A torn poster in the Morlock's tunnels says "After Simonson", although it remains unclear who "Simonson" refers to.

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