Quote1 That reality cuts both ways, sweetheart. Difference is, I'll always heal, an' each time, come back better than before. You'll just die! Quote2
-- Sabretooth clone to Polaris

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Synopsis for "Scream a Little Scream!"

Nate Summers has a nightmare that Mr. Sinister. Dr. Robyn Hanover reassures Nate that everything is going to be all right and that she has come to take him home. At Xavier's School, Moira MacTaggert finishes gene-therapy on Sabretooth to kick-start his healing factor and heal the wounds dealt by Masque.

Meanwhile, Cyclops tries speaking with his father in Alaska over a Starjammer link, but interference cuts their conversation short. Cyclops grows concerned since their link was designed to withstand interstellar communication. However, Jean and Nick Fury can not find anything unusual happening in Alaska.

Callisto and Masque bring Ghost Panther to Genosha. She offers the Morlocks the chance to become heroes by stopping the approaching war. In Alaska, Christopher Summers goes outside and finds his shed is torn apart. Suddenly, he is confronted by Sabretooth (actually one of Mr. Sinister's clones). Mr. Summers evades Sabretooth's attacks using his poncho.

Havok and Polaris arrive on the scene and deal with Sabretooth while Summers goes back inside and finds his mother has been bushwhacked. While Robyn takes Nathan to Mr. Sinister, Corsair tells the Starjammers to find his son. However, the Marauders bring down their ship. While the two teams fight, Corsair teleports to Xavier's School and pulls a gun on Sabretooth, who now sports a cyborg hand.

Solicit Synopsis

Moira MacTaggert has paid dearly over the years for her allegiance to the X-Men, but will this latest altercation ask her to pay the ultimate price? AND, a familiar face is back to cause the X-Men trouble. But you've never seen him like this before! FROM COMICS LEGEND CHRIS CLAREMONT AND ART BY RODNEY BUCHEMI (INCREDIBLE HERCULES)! GREAT JUMPING ON POINT WITH ISSUE 6!

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