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Quote1.png You think you're my equal? Old man, you ain't even close. I hit harder. I heal faster. All you can do right now is die! Quote2.png
Sabretooth clone to the original Sabretooth

Appearing in "Luck -- Runs Out!"

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Synopsis for "Luck -- Runs Out!"

Corsair tells the X-Men that the Marauders are back. They teleport back to Alaska and join the Starjammers in fighting the Marauders. Cyclops tells 'Ro and Lockheed to go to his house and Hepzibah volunteers to join them. Sabretooth leaves Cyclops to fight his own personal battle.

Meanwhile at a nearby airfield, Robyn Hanover and Nathan Summers board an airplane. Sabretooth confronts his clone and they start knocking each other with serious blows. In Northern Japan, Wolverine's ex-girlfriend, Mariko Yashida, seeks vengeance for the woman who stole her boyfriend's heart, Jean Grey. In Wakanda, Perfect Storm tells the Grand Council about her plans to annex the island of Genosha.

In Alaska, Shadowcat shatters Prism via a "fastball special". Shadowcat senses something close by and finds the Sabretooth clone pummeling the original Sabretooth to the ground. Shadowcat beats the clone to the ground and just as she starts savoring her victory, she gets attacked from behind from a pair of claws. Shadowcat phases to protect herself, and looks back at her attacker, Wolverine.

Solicit Synopsis

It’s double the danger as Sabretooth fights for his life against….SABRETOOTH!? The cover says it all, folks, as the X-Men’s resident bad boy faces off with his Marauder self. He’s blind and down a hand…but Victor Creed is angling to prove it ain’t the prettier killer who walks away…but the one who’s willing to go the furthest. Just how far will the reformed villain go? Find out as X-Legend Chris Claremont whips up a throw-down that’ll leave fans salivating!

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