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Quote1.png You want to mess with my friends and threaten my family? Then you'd better be prepared to face the consequences. My firstborn son's a man of honor. He fights for principles. I'm a corsair. I fight to win! Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "You're Supposed To Be Dead!"

Kitty Pryde faces off against the Wolverine clone. Cyclops joins the fight and brings down the clone, and Sabretooth snaps the claws off one of the clone's hands by stepping on them. Cyclops joins his father, Corsair, and Havok in fighting the Marauders.

Lockheed attacks Hepzibah with a fire blast and Havok moves to help her. 'Ro warns him that Hepzibah is now working for the enemy. The traitor pulls a gun on Havok, but Polaris stops her from shooting and points out that she is wearing a mind control necklace. They cut away the necklace and rejoin the fight, but Mystique recovers the device.

On a nearby airstrip, Nathan Summers and Robyn Hanover prepare to lift off, but Scalphunter blocks their path and damages one of the wings. Scalphunter moves to kidnap the boy, but an energized card from Gambit knocks him back and Cyclops moves in for the kill. Cyclops, Nathan, and Robyn meet up with Kitty, who is still recovering. Sabretooth shows up holding one of his clone's hands to replace his own missing hand.

From aboard the Starjammer, Corsair tells Cyclops to gather his team and instructs Alex to gather everyone from the house and rendezvous with Cyclops. Jean Grey puts up a shield around the X-Men and Starjammers. Corsair uses the Starjammer to create an earthquake, killing most of the Marauders.

Sikorsky instructs Shadowcat on dealing with her wounds. Cyclops reunites with his son and Robyn explains that she panicked and wanted to bring Nate to safety. Mr. Sinister watches the conversation and applauds the way Robyn dealt with the situation. While Nathan continues cloning more Marauders, he resolves to keep the X-Men's survival to himself.

Some days later, most of the X-Men depart back to Xavier's Mansion, but Shadowcat decides to stay until her wounds heal. Gambit and 'Ro also decide to stay to look out after Shadowcat. In the rubble from the fight, the scarred form of the Wolverine clone opens its eyes, angry.

Solicit Synopsis

It’s double the danger as Sabretooth fights for his life against….SABRETOOTH!? The cover says it all, folks, as the X-Men’s resident bad boy faces off with his Marauder self. He’s blind and down a hand…but Victor Creed is angling to prove it ain’t the prettier killer who walks away…but the one who’s willing to go the furthest. Just how far will the reformed villain go? Find out as X-Legend Chris Claremont whips up a throw-down that’ll leave fans salivating!

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