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Quote1.png You're wrong, Logan -- on both counts. You are not the 'master assassin of the Hand.' And you do have friends. One of whom loves you. More than her own life! ... My heart reaches out to yours, Logan. What exists between us will not be denied. It brought me to you -- now let it bring your true self back to life -- and to me. Quote2.png
Jean Grey

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JOIN COMICS LEGEND CHRIS CLAREMONT AS HE CONTINUES TO REDEFINE THE X-MEN UNIVERSE IN HIS OWN VISION. One of the most explosive revelations of X-Men Forever #1 was the unconsummated and clandestine affair between Logan and Jean Grey. Now, Claremont takes you deep into the intimate history of this unsung love between two of the most popular X-Men—and gives insight to the betrayed heart of Cyclops! DON’T MISS THIS X-MEN FOREVER EVENT!


This issue takes place between X-Men Forever #22 and #23.

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