Quote1.png Knowing Logan... wasn't easy. He was the best there was at what he did...but what he did best wasn't very nice. Certainly not what anyone would expect from a super hero. Then again, I don't think that's a term he ever felt applied to him. He was a man who lived his life, did his job, made no apologies. Because none were ever needed. Quote2.png
-- Cyclops

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Synopsis for "Home, Come the Heroes!"

As the X-Men prepare for Wolverine's funeral, Sabretooth and Remy. During the ensuing struggle, Cyclops and Kitty Pryde. The New Mutants and part of the Fantastic Four arrive at the funeral. Meanwhile, in the COSA satellite above earth, the Consortium and discusses how they should handle the X-Men. Beast monitors their satellite and leaves to attend the funeral, where Cyclops offers a few words on Wolverine's achievements in life. After the procession, Cyclops travels to Alaska where he visits his family.

Solicit Synopsis

"The Secret History of The Sentinels" The thrilling conclusion to the X-Men’s South American adventure!!! The X-Men take on this newest threat while still reeling from the revelations of the last issue — and the reappearance of the Trask family! PLUS! The funeral of WOLVERINE. The X-Men put to rest their team member and friend. Penciled by Paul Smith and inked by Terry Austin!

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