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Quote1.png Your choice now, Kitty -- free and unrestrained -- you want to keep things as they are, nice and secure and safe...or pitch your soul across the karmic Rubicon to join me? Quote2.png
Black Magik

Appearing in "Black Magik: Part 3 0f 4"

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Synopsis for "Black Magik: Part 3 0f 4"

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Join Comics Legend CHRIS CLAREMONT and original series artist TOM GRUMMETT as they continue making history in the landmark X-MEN FOREVER! The X-Men continue their adventures in RUSSIA! Reuniting with Peter Rasputin has been a bittersweet experience for Kitty Pryde: emotionally, Peter isn’t the same man she used to know. Now with the disappearance of Illyana Rasputin, Peter, Kitty, Gambit, Lil’ ‘Ro and the leader of the Russian mutant force known as the Winter Guard, the Black Widow, must use every resource to track Illyana down. For another threat lies within the innocent little girl…Dark Magik!!! Don’t miss a minute of this groundbreaking series!

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