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GREAT JUMPING ON POINT...the fate of PERFECT STORM! The last time we saw Storm, she was fleeing from the X-Men, having blinded Sabretooth and killed Logan. Now, we turn our focus to Wakanda to see what became of the evil clone of the woman that the X-Men loved and trusted. ALSO: new two-part story starting with Issue 16 as CHRIS CLAREMONT continues his landmark run on X-MEN FOREVER! Don’t miss a single panel! Plus, an extra feature detailing a timeline of what other Marvel Universe stories were occurring during the current X-Men Forever saga!


  • Also includes an eight page section written by Michael Hoskin detailing events going on concurrently in the Earth-161 universe during the events seen so far in this series, showing most events that occurred in the early 90s to have still occurred, including Eric Masterson replacing Thor, the Infinity Gauntlet event, and the formation of the New Warriors, X-Factor, and X-Force.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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