Quote1 We got ourselves big trouble, Jean. The Consortium's like no adversary the X-Men have ever faced -- outside of, maybe, the Shi'ar Empire. The Hellfire Club are billionaire bad guys. The Consortium's more than that. They've been around longer...for how long, we don't know. They're totally secret -- no one knows about them but us. I won't let them threaten my son -- or any of the kids at this school...or, for that matter, any of my friends. They want a fight, then the first thing I plan to do is drag 'em out into the open, so we can see what we're up against. Quote2
-- Cyclops

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Mysteries continue to mount regarding the “mutant burnout” phenomena and the shadowy organization known only as the “Consortium”. After ferreting out a complex network of double-agents infiltrating S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury is left with only one choice: to infiltrate the Consortium himself. With a team of X-Men behind him, the Consortium is about to get hit by Hurricane Nicholas! Don’t miss a minute of the heart-pounding action from comics icon CHRIS CLAREMONT!

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