Quote1 ...Given the power levels some of us achieve, we'll probably go up like organic supernovas -- and trust me, the collateral damage will be horrendous. But when the day's over, when one rotation of the Earth has spread the beam across the face of the entire planet...the Consortium will have their heart's desire. Every mutant who lives and breathes on this world -- will be no more. Quote2
-- Beast

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ASSAULT ON THE CONSORTIUM!!! Sometimes the best way to take down a secret organization is with a team of the best, strongest, fiercest mutants on the planet! But have the X-Men—along with Nick Fury—bitten off more than they can chew? You won’t want to miss these heart-pounding issues, from ICONIC X-MEN WRITER CHRIS CLAREMONT and ORIGINAL X-MEN FOREVER SERIES ARTIST TOM GRUMMETT!

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