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Quote1.png I'd rake these kids over the coals -- if that woman didn't catch me by surprise as well. She's good. Hooray for her. I'm the best. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Love -- and Loss!, Part 04 of 05: Strike-Back!"

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Synopsis for "Love -- and Loss!, Part 04 of 05: Strike-Back!"

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The mansion is still reeling from the events of the previous issue; having just scraped through the Fabian Cortez mission by the skin of their teeth, they were completely unprepared for a psychic blast from Jean, which rendered them all unconscious, and even less prepared for the subsequent surprise visit from one of their greatest nemeses, SABRETOOTH! But as the dust from the battle between the X-Men and this invader—culminating in a brutal battle between Sabes and a particularly vicious Storm—all may not be as it appears… Plus, what secret is Kitty hiding up her sleeve? Don’t miss comics legend and New York Times Bestselling Author CHRIS CLAREMONT’s thrilling return to the X-MEN!

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