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Quote1.png Thing is, Xavier, I know who I am and what I do. That's the difference between me an' the boy -- with him, it was, 'what I do best isn't very nice.' What I do best is glorious. I never hid that. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Play Day!"

Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, and Gambit play a game of baseball in the Danger Room. Cyclops decides to go check on them and the ball almost hits him until he takes off his glasses and destroys the ball. Cyclops asks the three X-Men why they are playing games and they start arguing. Meanwhile, 'Ro and Lockheed secretly watch them from an observation room. 'Ro tries using her powers, inadvertently creating a vortex wind. The other four X-Men help her regain control.

Upstairs, Sabretooth gets some breakfast and speaks with Professor X. Sabretooth says he is still at the mansion to seek revenge of Storm. At his lab, Beast asks Jean Grey how she feels about her deceased ex-boyfriend, Wolverine. She expresses disbelief over his death and says that she senses that Sabretooth is stalking Kitty. Beast shows Jean a list of contacts used for tracing mutants. He says that mutants all seem to die young.

Back at the Danger Room, the five X-Men work on cleaning up the rubble. Suddenly, the wreckage reforms into a robot that spews fire. Nightcrawler teleports 'Ro out of the room and Kitty fazes through the door. Nightcrawler teleports to the auxiliary grid and shuts down the Danger Room so Cyclops and Gambit are safe. Later, Gambit considers going his separate ways and 'Ro considers leaving, too. Cyclops urges them to stick with the team so they do not get lost.

While Kurt Wagner works on repairing the Danger Room, Kitty Pryde says she is worried about Sabretooth scoping her as his next prey. Kurt urges her to adapt, cope, and overcome. Nick Fury and Professor X get a call from Daisy, saying that she had discovered a previously missing foreign dispatch in South America. She sends them a picture of crushed tanks.

Solicit Synopsis

The team continues to track down someone they used to think was a teammate, but has now turned out to be an imposter! Somehow, this is all linked to the death of Wolverine, and a big, shadowy organization known only as “The Consortium.” PLUS! A whole new story begins with X-Men Forever #6! Comics legends Paul Smith and Terry Austin join the X-Men Forever team! As the X-Men attempt to recoup from brutal recent events, they’re tested by an unlikely obstacle. Meanwhile, something big has surfaced in South America—an enemy the battered X-Men will have to face head-on! Plus, a Special 70th Anniversary Frame Variant featuring Dave Cockrum's original Storm design newly inked by Terry Austin!

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