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Quote1.png A thief should be pragmatic, above all things. Not yield to sentiment. Not run to the rescue of imperiled damsels, or waste his time buying redemption with random acts of kindness. Quote2.png
Jean-Luc LeBeau

Appearing in "Random Acts of Redemption"

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Synopsis for "Random Acts of Redemption"

The issue begins with Gambit's first meeting with the rival Assassin Guild's "Princess" Belladonna Boudreaux. It then skips to Gambit's marriage to Belladonna, and his duel with Julien Boudreaux. After his exile from New Orleans, Gambit travels to Gouffre Saint-Bernard and has a meeting with Mister Sinister, who excises part of Gambit's brain in return for "Services." These services include Gambit rounding up Sinister's Marauders in various ways, and leading them into the sewers, leading to the Mutant Massacre. After being subdued by Sabretooth, Gambit watches the Marauders kill countless Morlocks. After the marauders leave, Gambit is hailed by a woman begging him to save her daughter Sarah. Gambit takes Sarah, leaving the Morlocks swearing that Sarah will live. When he escapes the sewers, Gambit is confronted by a police officer, whom he begs to take the girl. Before the officer can call for back up Gambit escapes. The issue ends in Cairo, Mississippi with Gambit discovering a de-aged storm. Hearing his father's words about what a thief should be, he ignores it and takes Storm. The final panels depict the three mutants who had been chasing Storm telling Gambit that she is there, and he should just go and forget what he saw. He responds that he already has a lot to forget. As he charges a card in the final panel, ready to fight, "Let's make dis a night to remember."

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