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Synopsis for "Nativity"

Many years ago, the man who would become Nightcrawler performed in a traveling circus. Unfortunately, he was made to perform against his will, since it was an attraction to have a demon-looking blue man swing around on the trapeze.

After a performance, Kurt is re-drugged by the ringmaster, Herr Getmann, to keep him sedated between performances. He awakens to hear Getmann yelling at his foster mother about the dinner she prepared, and she promised to make a new one. As her children, Stephan and Jimaine got the food together, she steals a few minutes with her furry blue son, and he asked to hear the story of his life before the circus.

She told the story he loved to hear and that they both knew as a lie, remembering the truth while she told the story.

Mystique was running through the forest as she was chased by a mob, with a furry blue baby in her arms. Just before she reached the river, she passed out from exhaustion, and the baby fell into the river and was swept away.

Downstream, a band of gypsies camped near the river, and young Stephan found the baby in the water. Margali insisted that it was another child of god, but the gypsies threw them out, fearing Kurt to be a product of the devil.

The family came upon Getmann's circus, and the ringmaster was more than happy to bring them in as labor. He put Kurt in the sideshow, and frequently whipped the boy when he did not perform.

Kurt fell asleep to the story, and was again awakened by a conversation between Getmann and Margali. It would seem that Kurt's trapeze act hadn't been bringing in new guests, and Getmann planned to sell the boy the next day.

Margali recruited the help of Armen Freilich, Getmann's whipping boy, and freed Kurt, who escaped into the forest, accidentally setting fire to the circus on his way. Ignoring the flames, Getmann saw Kurt flee, and perused him with his goons. They were able to catch him, and decided to murder him, but he disappeared in a puff of smoke just before they did.

Astonished and pleased with his new gift, Kurt continued making his way through the forest until he came upon a church. Inside, Father Wagner welcomed the boy, putting him to work while teaching him and providing him shelter.

One day Armen sought refuge in the church, and was being pursued by Getmann and his men. He apologized to Kurt for bringing them there, and though Father Wagner attempted to defend the boys, Getmann ruthlessly attacked anyway, setting fire to the church.

Kurt was able to get Armen to a nearby farm and port back to beat up on Getmann. Just as he was about to kill the evil ringmaster, Father Wagner reminded him of his humanity, and Kurt decided against it. As he handed Getmann back to his men, they took aim to shoot Kurt and Father Wagner and froze in place.

Charles Xavier appeared, and explained that he had stopped them. He offered Kurt a place on his team, the X-Men. Kurt accepted, under the requirement that he be called Kurt Wagner, rather than Kurt Szardos, from then on.

Appearing in "Deadly Genesis!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Giant-Size X-Men #1.

Synopsis for "Deadly Genesis!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Giant-Size X-Men #1.

Solicit Synopsis

The X-MEN ORIGINS series continues with your favorite German mutant, Nightcrawler! Relive his early days as a trapeze artist in Germany, witness the first time he teleported and see the events that made him the hero he is today!


  • The "Reprint" of Giant-Size X-Men #1 only includes 3 pages.

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