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Quote1.png Aw, Ma. We were only playing. Quote2.png
Victor, crouching over his dead brother's body.

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Synopsis for "Sabretooth"

In the spring, Luther Creed was reveling the fact that it was Victor's birthday but his younger brother didn't get any pie. Hearing the commotion, their mother came in to find Victor crouching over his brother's body holding the pie as if nothing was wrong.

From then on, Victor was chained in the family cellar, with his father coming down to remove his 'devil teeth' on a routine basis. One time, when Victor warned his mother to let him go, she explained that she was too afraid of his father to do so. He told her she should be more afraid of him.

Years later, Victor managed to pull one of the chains from the wall. Unable to get the other chain loose, he chewed through his other wrist instead to get free. It was then that he murdered his father.

Many years later, Creed made his way to an old-west saloon, where a brawl was taking place between Logan and some locals. Victor stepped in, and the two became friends. When it was over, Silverfox came for Logan, and Victor warned that Logan would be hurt by her in the end.

Months later, Logan walked into the bar with Silverfox dead in his arms. Victor wished him a "Happy Birthday", and that set Logan off. The subsequent tussle sent Logan scampering into the wilderness.

In the 1960's or 70's,[2] Victor interviewed for a position on Team X, a CIA-affiliated black ops team. They 'happened' to be interviewing Logan at the same time. When the two met again, they immediately started fighting, and the entire support team had to be called in to wrestle them both away from each other. The interviewing agent revealed to the team lead that they had known the two had a history, and he agreed that mind-wipes of both of them was a good idea.

Years later, the team was celebrating a successful op when Logan mentioned it was his birthday. Victor began laying into him immediately without knowing why. When asked, he said that it just felt right.

Even more years later, in West Berlin, Creed killed the woman they were instructed to extract. When confronted, Victor played coy, and that resulted in another brawl. In the midst of it, Victor revealed the reason for the kill was that it was Logan's birthday.

Ten or so years after that, Logan prepared for his annual birthday brawl by paying a bartender to leave the place empty for him. Victor appeared eventually, explaining that their annual fight would never stop. Logan was ready to walk away when Creed reminded him of Silverfox. The fight was on again, and Creed described it as "just playing".


Chronology Notes

A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:
Sabretooth (Victor Creed)

Victoria Creed

Zebadiah Creed

Wolverine (Logan)

Silver Fox


  • The interviewing agent for Team X didn't reveal her name, but the door to her office showed the letters "TNEY OOD", leading the reader to believe it could be something like Whitney or Britney Wood.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
  2. This should be viewed as a reference to the Marvel Sliding Timescale as Team X began around Year 1.
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