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Quote1 You told me the Phoenix has a purpose, Jeannie. It burns away what doesn't work. So what'd you come to burn? Quote2

Appearing in "Phoenix Endsong"

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  • Shi'ar Battlecruiser

Synopsis for "Phoenix Endsong"

The Phoenix Force is reconstituted by a Shi'ar device. However it is incomplete, confused and hungry. A Shi'ar vessel fires at the cosmic raptor, in hopes of destroying it forever, but a weak spark still exists within a firefly. It travels to the X-Mansion and wakes up the immensely powerful Quentin Quire. The Phoenix is still dissatisfied and heads to the upper levels for its target. Cyclops and Emma, sleep peacefully in their bedroom when the firefly lands on Scott's ruby-quartz glasses. An optic blast rages forth from his left eye as memories of Jean flood the couple's minds. Emma is understandably upset by this, but both pass the experience off as a bad dream. Meanwhile the desperate Phoenix spark makes its way to the graveyard and resurrects Jean Grey. Jean can feel its instability and struggles to reject it, but the Phoenix Force demands that they bond. Wolverine, out on one of his nightly strolls, runs over to the direction of a fiery spectacle. He finds Jean, who dons her gold and green Phoenix costume, and wonders who else dwells within her body. The Phoenix Force tries to remember her purpose for being there and soon changes her appearance to resemble the Dark Phoenix. Wolverine attacks her, knowing full well what she is capable of, but he is forced back by a blazing furry of fiery highly destructive power. Jean Grey, who had been making the Phoenix Force forget, continues to fight her for dominance... but the Dark Phoenix now consumes her as she soars off into the distance; her faint remnant being picked up by the Shi'ar vessel.


  • Part 1 of 5 - Limited Series
  • Jean Grey died in New X-Men #150.
  • Quentin Quire was believed to have been killed in New X-Men #138 after he caused a riot in the institute. He was then contained in Beast's lab as a being of pure psionic energy.
  • Cyclops was nudged into a relationship with Emma by Jean Grey in the "Here Comes Tomorrow" New X-Men story arc. (see Below)

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