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Quote1 It came for Miss Grey. And brought her back... Let's see what the Phoenix can do for us. Quote2
Quentin Quire

Appearing in "Phoenix Endsong"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Sophie Cuckoo (Corpse, skeleton or other remains)
  • Shi'ar
    • Commander
    • Counselor
    • Helmsman
  • students of the Xavier Institute

Races and Species:




Synopsis for "Phoenix Endsong"

As morning breaks, Emma Frost is upset over Scott's continual thoughts on his "deceased" wife. He assures Emma that he's chosen her because of the love they share; and as they reconcile, Wolverine leaps through their bedroom window, proclaiming Jean Grey's return. A small group of X-Men visit their former teammate's gravesite, to make certain of her resurrection. Cyclops is at first unconvinced of Jean's return, until he is told that she bears the Dark Phoenix costume and the implications therein. He then assigns each person a task, formulating a plan to locate and restrain the cosmic threat. When Cyclops and Beast finish up a simulation in the Danger Room, (in preparation for their face-off) Emma detects an omega-level mutant from her position in Cerebra. Beast realizes it's Quentin Quire and majestically leaps towards his laboratory. The Stepford Cuckoos also pick up on his presence and try to telepathically conceal themselves. Once Quentin finds out that Sophie Cuckoo (his continuing obsession) is dead, he stops everyone's movements and searches for her sisters. The Cuckoos confirm his fears and Quentin exits in a furious display of power. Meanwhile, Storm has been monitoring unusual weather patterns and flies with Nightcrawler to the affected area. The Shi'ar vessel (driving the storm) have picked up on Quentin's energy signature and fear that the Phoenix could select him as a host. Quentin Quire then travels to Sophie's headstone and drags her corpse out of the ground; believing that the Phoenix Force can help him. Elsewhere, Logan finds Jean Grey deep within the forest, in a much calmer state than before.


  • Part 2 of 5 - Limited Series
  • Jean Grey died in New X-Men #150.
  • Quentin Quire was believed to have been killed in New X-Men #138 after he caused a riot in the institute. He was then contained in Beast's lab as a being of pure psionic energy.
  • Sophie Cuckoo died trying to stop Quentin Quire in New X-Men #137
  • Cyclops was nudged into a relationship with Emma by Jean Grey in the "Here Comes Tomorrow" New X-Men story arc. (see Below)

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