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Quote1 I'm always Jean. And I'm always the Phoenix. I died. I scattered in a trillion directions. And then started to pull together again, outside the White Hot Room. But I'm starting to see now. Parts of me... Parts of me never came home. Quote2
Jean Grey-Summers

Appearing in "Phoenix Endsong"

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Other Characters:

  • Shi'ar
    • Commander
    • Counselor
    • Helmsman<

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Synopsis for "Phoenix Endsong"

Storm has poor results in the confrontation of a hostile Shi'ar spacecraft; driving the anomalous weather patterns she had been investigating. Meanwhile, the X-Institute residents are freed from Quentin's mental incapacitation when Angel arrives with a message from Wolverine. Having located Jean in a distant forest, the X-Men prep the Blackbird for their immediate departure. Colossus however, is ordered to remain behind due to his unwillingness to kill Dark Phoenix in their last encounter. Scott is also confident that if Jean's psyche still resides in her own body, she will provide the X-Men with the opportunity to eliminate the dangerous entity that possesses her. The Phoenix waits patiently for Scott to arrive, while holding back the urge to kill the increasingly frustrating Wolverine. However, the Shi'ar vessel arrives a second before the X-Men do, and instantaneously fires downward at Jean Grey's position. Emma is unable to sense Jean or Logan, and the Shi'ar crewmen waste no time in the pursuit for the other omega (Quentin Quire.) It is at this moment that Nightcrawler and Storm teleport inside the ship and Ororo threatens to tear it down from the sky. To the north, Phoenix and Wolverine have escaped the Shi'ar weapon with the Jean's more passive side in dominance. She instructs Logan to repeatedly stab her, to weaken the cosmic being, and allow Jean to bury herself beneath a frozen lake. However, the Phoenix soon casts herself out of Jean's corpse and rises to the surface. When the X-Men arrive to assess the situation, the Phoenix demands that Scott replenish her strength with his optic blasts.


  • Part 3 of 5 - Limited Series
  • Jean Grey died in New X-Men #150.
  • Quentin Quire was believed to have been killed in New X-Men #138 after he caused a riot in the institute. He was then contained in Beast's lab as a being of pure psionic energy. In the last issue he tried to resurrect Sophie (his obsession) but requires the Phoenix's powers to complete the process.
  • Sophie Cuckoo died trying to stop Quentin Quire in New X-Men #137.


  • Colossus is mentioned to have "pulled his punches" against Phoenix in X-Men #137
  • The Shi'ar believe that as Quentin Quire is an omega level mutant, he has the capacity to become a Phoenix host. This seems to have been verified in the "Here Comes Tomorrow" New X-Men story arc (see below) Where a Phoenix host that resembles Quentin is recognised by Jean as well.

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