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Appearing in "Phoenix Endsong"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Shi'ar
    • Commander
    • Counselor
    • Helmsman



  • Cerebra
  • Psionic Containment Egg
  • Eleka'an Event Horizon


  • Shi'ar Battlecruiser

Synopsis for "Phoenix Endsong"

Emma and the Phoenix escape from the capsule and starts to attack everyone. Cyclops saids to Phoenix that she is a monster and does not know what love really is. she saids that the palnet is sick and wants to destroy it all. she was attacked from Strom but easily pushed her down. Wolverine and Cyclops decides to have Scott blast his beam down towards Jean hoping to revitalize her, which it did. Jean takes the Phoenix out of Emma wich Phoenix was very suprised at Jean because she could never do that with out her. Jean saids that she is Phoenix and Phoenix is Jean. she merged with Phoenix but both of them were having a hard time controling each other and Scott now knows why Jean really came back for. He had Emma and the Stepford Cookus contact every x men to show Jean thier love for her. she regains herself and shows the emotion that she got from all the people that cares about her telepathically. now that Jean is alive she then turns into the white Phoenix Of The Crown and saids good bye to Cyclops leaves earth and went to the White Hot Room to find hers and Phoenix fragments. she was presumed dead by everyone after the event but she is still alive.

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