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Quote1.png The fire has her hooks in you. Woke you up too early. And now she's trying to lead you away. But we have a different destiny. And you must fulfill it. Quote2.png
Sophie and Esme Cuckoo

Appearing in "Phoenix: Warsong, Part Two"

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Synopsis for "Phoenix: Warsong, Part Two"

After the Stepford Cuckoos manifest an ominous Phoenix raptor, Logan regenerates his body from their searing flames. Emma Frost doesn't believe that her girls are controlled by the cosmic entity, due to their indifferent personalities. As the Cuckoos fly off into the distance, four of the X-Men pursue them in the Blackbird. Logan and Hank, who remained at the institute, spot the two deceased Cuckoos locking themselves in Cerebra. They contact their sisters from the amplifying chamber and when Emma tries to read their thoughts, all she picks up is indecipherable numbers. Meanwhile Logan manages to cut off Sophie's arm and the two reanimated corpses fly off in the direction of their sisters. Beast examines the severed arm and discovers nanotechnology laced throughout the skeleton. Emma also removes psychic blocks that the girls placed in the X-Men; to prevent them from asking questions about the strange quintuplets. At that very moment a S.H.I.E.L.D. operative named Jake Oh reports from "the World." He has grown bored with the quasi-temporal space and "whale-brained machines" in the three months he's been stationed there. Jake is startled by the entrance of the three Phoenix hosts and Celeste takes a liking to him. When time starts back up in the dome, the trio assist Jake in dispatching the car-cops that surround him. The Cuckoos then head further into the facility; where Phoebe is drawn to a mechanical representation of Dr. Sublime, who welcomes them to a secret room. There they are introduced to a multitude of Cuckoos clones suspended in stationary tubes.


  • Part 2 of 5 - Limited Series
  • At the end of the X-Men: Phoenix – Endsong limited series (see below) a fragment of the Phoenix Force was left on Earth and visited the Stepford Cuckoos.
  • Emma Frost was temporarily possessed by the Phoenix Force in Endsong (see below), and as mentioned in this issue Colossus was not allowed to participate in the fight against Jean during that limited series.
  • Sophie Cuckoo died trying to stop Quentin Quire in New X-Men #137.
  • Esme was killed by Magneto in New X-Men #150.
  • AIM were seen raiding the Weapon Plus facility in New X-Men #142145 (Assault on Weapon Plus story arc.) Also in this arc was the introduction of the "car-cops"; Remnants of the first artificial evolution experiments, now large brains operating bulbous mechanical bodies.
  • It was revealed in New X-Men #154 that the Stepford Cuckoos were "Weapon XIV" of the Weapon Plus program


  • ohhhh... nice channeling of Graham Ingels on the cover there.

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