Quote1.png That's why we do it, Joseph. For the innocents, the ones who ain't been taught t' hate yet. Our hope for tomorrow. Change is gonna come... Quote2.png
-- Rogue

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  • Omnium shackles


Synopsis for "Adrift"

In an unimportant American town, a woman contemplates an act of inhumanity: selling out her mysterious tenant to a hate group because she might be a dangerous mutant.

Since leaving the X-Men, Rogue has built herself a small life, with a job as a waitress, a room above a garage, and a car on a hire-purchase plan. But even as she tries to organize her budget, she notices odd little things. Like the roadwork crew on her way home, out in the dead of night without much work getting done. Or the fact that her landlady's son is unusually quiet. This comes to a head when she finds her landlady, Melody Watkins in her room, to tell her that she told the group known as Humanity's Last Stand that there was a mutant under her roof. The landlady points out that her powers might be dangerous to the boy, and that the new Legacy Virus is supposed to drive mutants into a murderous frenzy before it kills them. Rogue is appalled, but as she has run from the X-Men out of fear, she understands.

Suddenly, the room is destroyed by Mauler units from HLS. As Rogue attacks them to give Melody time to run, Melody's son Stevie is taken hostage by Bastion, the group's leader. Roguee surrenders to save the boy.

Rogue wakes up in shackles at a Humanity's Last Stand compound. Bastion is arguing with Mr Trask, HLS' shadowy backer, who is willing to leave him with his plan, but warns him of political consequences of crossing a Trask. Bastion then explains to Rogue that he needs an inciting incident to ensure HLS unit cohesion and general public sympathy. He has thus decided to kill everyone living in the camp and leave Rogue's mutant body to be found in the wreckage. The two armed guards protest at this, but Bastion shoots one.

At this, the other guard demonstrates mutant abilities, destroying Bastion's complex and freeing Rogue, but she sees that he is Magneto. Magneto endures her attack, then explains he has no memory of what she is saying. He only joined HLS because he was worried about their motives and he only saved Rogue because lives are at stake. Rogue agrees to help him.

In the compound, the residents have grabbed shotguns in anticipation of a mutant terror attack. They are therefore surprised to find the mutants battling heavily-armed people. Nevertheless, the residents demand the mutants leave. Rogue is disgusted, but Joseph quotes Charles Xavier: "If we can't learn to live together, we will surely die alone."

Retiring to a nearby hillside, Rogue questions Joseph. Joseph admits fear: ideas and turns of phrase come to him sometimes from his old self, but he has no idea how. He does not think he likes his old self. Rogue tells him about Magneto's positive attributes, but they are attacked by Mr. Trask's helicopter. The helicopter launches low-yield nuclear warheads at the pai, but Joseph catches them. As Rogue tries to talk him out of murder, Joseph and Trask catch each other's eyes, and each privately acknowledges their darkest truth: each is fighting because he is afraid of changing his behavior.

Joseph fries their sensors with electromagnetism and detonates the warheads, giving him and Rogue the space to get away.

Later, at the Watkins house, Magneto questions why Rogue wants to travel in such a small car when they could fly. Rogue tries to explain that driving keeps them grounded in humanity. As they leave, Melody and Stevie Watkins come out, and Stevie thanks Rogue for saving him earlier. His mother has told him why he can't hug Rogue but he really wants to.

Rogue and Magneto drive off, vowing to save the future for children like Stevie.


  • Included bonus pinups featuring:


  • At one point in the story, Rogue comments on the irony of a group called "Last Stand" that she keeps having to defend against.

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