Quote1.png Please note my choice of words, for I have valid reasons to label Magneto crusader and not dictator. Firstly: He has no country to call his own. Secondly: He has fought for a specific cause, not for personal power. Which begs the question then, before he died in a battle above Earth -- was Magneto a demagogue or an ideologue? Was he a tyrannical madman placing himself above the rights of humanity or a righteous zealot fighting for a noble cause -- equality for mutants? Can any one of us truly answer such a question? Quote2.png
-- Gabrielle Haller

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  • Bioelectric suit & mask
  • Slingshot gun


Synopsis for "Point Blank"

[1] plot summary at uncannyxmen.net


  • Magneto's real name is revealed to be Erik Magnus Lehnsherr, which is later debunked in X-Men (Vol. 2) #72.


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