Appearing in "Brother's Keeper"

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Synopsis for "Brother's Keeper"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Appearing in "So This Guy Walks Up to A Fruit Whipz Counter..."

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  • Cheryl (Fruit Whipz attendant)
  • Arty (Mansion groundskeeper)



  • Blue Jaguar E-Type (Danger Room projection)
  • Helicopters (Danger Room Projection)

Synopsis for "So This Guy Walks Up to A Fruit Whipz Counter..."

Synopsis not Yet Written


  • The first story takes place around Uncanny X-Men #444
  • The second story takes place during the time when the original New Mutants were formed, and had just recruited Cypher


  • In one panel, Roberto reads an article out of a men's magazine by the name of "Playtoy." He is inspired by a James Bond-esque character.. All of which plays homage to Ian Fleming (James Bond creator) and his short stories published in the "Playboy" magazines.

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