Quote1 I am Moses Magnum, Master of the Magnum Force! This is my ultimatum, Prime Minister. You have 24 hours to acclaim me sole, absolute ruler of your precious island nation...or, at midnight tomorrow -- I will sink Japan! Quote2
-- Moses Magnum

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  • Moses Magnum's Deterrence Research Corporation
    • Jake (First appearance)
    • Greg (First appearance)
    • Number Three
    • Unnamed others

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  • 'Jinguchi Maru'[1] freighter
  • Shi'ar spaceship

Synopsis for "The Submergence of Japan"Edit

Continue from last issue....

The X-Men arrive in Japan aboard the ship Jinguchi Maru, where they find that the city Agarashima is ablaze by a great firestorm caused by an unnatural earthquake. Coming to the mainland, Wolverine reads a local newspaper to learn about the series of strange and unnatural attacks. With a clear disaster on their hands, Scott suggests that they find their old ally, Sunfire and see what they can do to help while at the same time contacting Professor X and letting him know that they are alive. This would seem to be almost too late, as at that very moment, the Professor is aboard a Shi'ar ship back to Lilandra's world, having decided to leave Earth because he would believe the X-Men to be dead[2].

While in Japan, the X-Men sneak into the Yashida estate and are surrounded by soldiers and Sunfire who order them to surrender. The tense confrontation is halted when Misty Knight shows up and tells Sunfire that the Prime Minister wants to get the X-Men's help. With Cyclops before the Prime Minister, Sunfire demands in Japanese that the Prime Minister allow him to deal with the crisis alone and not allow the American detectives Misty Knight and Colleen Wing or the X-Men interfere. Despite his angry demands, the Prime Minister does not change his decision much to the chagrin of Sunfire. Not understanding the conversation, Cyclops decides to find a phone so that he can call and tell the Professor that they're still alive and tell him that Jean and Hank are dead[3] and still can't believe that Jean is really gone. As he walks away, Colleen thinks about how attractive Cyclops is. When Misty is done calling in on her boyfriend Iron Fist, who can't come to help because he's on a case with Power Man, Cyclops calls the mansion to find that the phone has been disconnected and wonders what could have happened to the Professor. When Cyclops tells Banshee that they need to check back on the mansion, he's told that Colleen is looking for him.

Elsewhere in the house, Wolverine comes across young Mariko Yashida, although the gentle woman is at first frightened by Wolverine's sudden interruption of her meditation she is eased by the fact he is able to speak fluent Japanese and knows much about their culture. The two begin to bond when suddenly the palace is struck by another seeming earthquake. In reality, the house is being attacked by an army of men dressed in Mandroid armor. While the Mandroids manage to knock out Sunfire, the X-Men take them out with relative ease, smashing their armor and preventing their escape.

In the aftermath of the battle, a hologram of the Mandroid's leader appears, he introduces himself as Moses Magnum and demand that the government of Japan name him the ruler of the country in the next 24 hours or he will use his Magnum Force to sink the island of Japan.

This story is continued next issue....

  • This issue is reprinted in many other comics and books, see references for more info.[4]

  • This issue reveals that Wolverine can speak Japanese.
  • This issue was almost revealed Wolverine's civilian name of "Logan". He was about give his name to Mariko until they are attacked by the army.

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  1. Name misspelled as Jinguichi Maru in this story
  2. Since X-Men #114
  3. Much like Hank and Jean think Scott and the others are dead following the events of X-Men #114
  4. This story is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:

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