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Quote1.png What I am, Vindicator, is free. An' I'm gonna stay free -- or die! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Shoot-Out at the Stampede!"

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  • Jeryn Hogarth's DC-10 cargo plane
  • Armored truck
  • RCAF Phantom jets

Synopsis for "Shoot-Out at the Stampede!"

Continued from last issue...

Cyclops, Colossus and Storm burst down the barriers to the exhibition grounds for the Calgary Stampede. After they’ve entered, a shadowy figure (Shaman) sprinkles magic dust from his pouch (medicine bag) along the entrance, sealing it off from any more outsiders.

As the X-Men search for their missing teammates, Cyclops reflects on the events of last issue, leading up to a moment in which Storm relates how she can trace Vindicator’s energy trail by following disruptions in the air, which led them to the stampede grounds.

Flying ahead, Storm locates Wolverine and Nightcrawler. As they close in on their subdued friends, the X-Men come face to face with Alpha Flight.

At the main gate, Banshee, Misty and Colleen arrive but a force field covers the gates where Shaman sprinkled his magic dust. They cannot enter.

Inside, Cyclops argues with Vindicator. Colossus gets skittish and kicks at the ground, sending out a shock wave that knocks the Flight members off their feet. Fighting breaks out and Nightcrawler and Wolverine (both of whom were just playing possum) leap to their feet.

The teams are evenly matched, but Alpha Flight gains the upper-hand through team-work. Shaman creates a blizzard to keep the X-Men off guard, but it quickly engulfs the entire city. Atop the Calgary Tower, restaurant patrons John and Darice find their pleasant dinner disrupted when the windows burst inwards.

The battle wages on until everyone is distracted by the blizzard, which is growing more intense by the moment. Even Shaman is overwhelmed by it. Sensing the dangerous forces Shaman has unleashed, Storm subdues Snowbird and diverts all her energy towards putting an end to the ferocious gale. She manages to dispel it, but as soon as she glides back to the ground, a devious Northstar punches her from behind.

Furious, Cyclops kayos Northstar and is ready to pummel him. But then Wolverine intervenes, calling a truce and stating that he’ll surrender so long as the rest of the X-Men are allowed to leave. Vindicator agrees.

The barrier across the gate fades away just as an armored car pulls up. Wolverine climbs in, ignoring insults hurled at him by Garson, a Department H functionary.

The next morning, a new jet is carrying the X-Men & co. homewards. It’s flanked by Canadian Air Force fighters until they reach U.S. airspace, at which point the fighters peel off. Cyclops polls the team about returning to rescue Wolverine, to which everyone agrees. But as he enters the cockpit to tell the pilot to turn around, he’s amazed to see Wolverine sitting in the co-pilot’s chair! He suggests they celebrate, because at long last the X-Men are going home.


  • This is the first full appearance of the original Alpha-Flight team.
  • Vindicator makes passing remarks how he and "Heather" found a near-feral Wolverine and roused him back to human behavior. This is one of the first clues to Wolverine's complicated backstory.


  • The restaurant patrons John and Darice are X-Men artist John Byrne, who is Canadian, and a friend.
  • With this issue, the cover price rises to 40 cents.

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  • This finishes a two-part storyline that began last issue.
  • X-Men #109 - first appearance Vindicator (as Weapon Alpha).

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