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Quote1.png We're super-heroes, Ororo, not God. We can save humanity from Doc Doom or Galactus -- but not from itself. Quote2.png
Luke Cage

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Synopsis for "Cry for the Children!"

The X-Men are once again back at the X-Mansion after their long sojourn. As the story opens, Colossus is in the middle of a Danger Room test and fairing poorly. His goal is to prevent a pair of crushing walls from pulverizing him, but he pleads that he cannot do it. In the monitor room overlooking the testing floor, Cyclops expresses concern that the Russian mutant’s lack of self-confidence is preventing him from exerting his full strength.

Wolverine has been observing the test and sneakily sabotages the controls in the monitor room, before entering the Danger Room. He climbs into the crushing unit and refuses to leave, thus putting his own life at risk as well as Colossus’s. Over the intercom, Cyclops relates that the safety parameters have been disabled and that Colossus must either defeat the test or he and Wolverine will be crushed. Colossus then rises to the challenge and saves them both. He thanks Wolverine for his “encouragement”, but Cyclops tasks Wolverine with repairing the controls he damaged.

Leaving the room, Cyclops runs into Colleen Wing who asks him out on a date. Glad to have a day off after their battle with the Living Monolith, he agrees to go. But first, he checks in with Sean and Kurt who have been in the hanger working to get the Blackbird back in operational order. Sean is puzzled as to why the Blackbird has been “mothballed” (taken out of commission and put into long-term storage), as much of the rest of the school has been. Scott wonders where Professor Xavier could have gone to while the X-Men were missing in action.

At that moment in deep space, Charles Xavier, consort to the galactic Empress Lilandra is being introduced to life on the Shi'ar throne world. Celebrations of Lilandra's ascension to the throne are met with much fanfare and Xavier is overwhelmed by the alien culture.

Meanwhile in Scotland, Jean has been out shopping and is carrying quite a load of packages on her way to meet with Moira, Alex, Lorna and Jamie Madrox. She quite literally runs into a man and spills her bundle. The man helps her pick up the packages and introduces himself as Jason Wyngarde before seeing her on her way.

When Jean meets up with Moira and the others at the dock, they pay no attention to a pair of local sailors who are looking for boat-renter Angus MacWhirter, who has gone missing since Christmas. As Moira’s boat carries her small group to Muir Isle, Jean does notice Wyngarde observing her from the shore. As he watches her, Wyngarde confidently muses to himself that he will make Jean fall in love with him. Standing under a street lamp, his shadow appears to be quite different than his body.

In New York, Cyclops and Colleen go on their date and Scott talk about their developing relationship. Elsewhere, Wolverine drops Storm off in the Harlem neighborhood where she was born. Driving back through the city, Logan sees Mariko Yashida entering the Japanese embassy and stops to gain admittance to see her but is refused at the door.

Ororo meanwhile is walking through her old neighborhood and is dismayed to see it has become a slum. Several local people she passes notice how very different she appears to most residents, including her white hair and tonier clothing.

Entering an old apartment building where her parents used to live, Storm is surprised to find that it is now an abandoned tenement and a junkie shooting gallery. When the junkies squatting there assault her, she uses her weather powers to fight back. One of them sneaks behind her and is ready to stab her but is subdued by Luke Cage, who is accompanied by Misty Knight. The pair explain they heard talk on the street about a woman who fit her description in the area and then saw lightning bolts emitted from the tenement window so they came to investigate. Ororo wants to help the junkies but the jaded Cage says the youths have made their choices and won’t take their help. He remarks “We’re superheroes, not gods...” Disillusioned, Storm departs with Cage and Knight.

Colleen takes the train back to the city, and Scott sees her off. As she leaves, Colleen gives Scott a farewell gift: the key to her apartment and an invitation to come by anytime.

Meanwhile aboard a private aircraft, Juggernaut and Black Tom Cassidy are seeking to hire an assassin to take care of the X-Men for them. They meet the lunatic hitman known as Arcade. Loving the possible challenge, Arcade tells the two men that he will take the job and that the X-Men are as good as dead.


  • As noted in dialogue and an editor's note, this issue takes place after the X-Men's appearance during the events of Power Man and Iron Fist #57.
  • This issue reveals Colossus' real full name. However, it is misspelled from the current spelling. Here it is shown as "Nikolievitch", but will eventually become "Nikolaievitch".
  • Jason Wyngarde's shadow is a dead giveaway to longtime X-Men fans that he was actually the classic X-Men foe Mastermind. Jason also references the Hellfire Club by name for the first time this issue.
  • It is revealed for the first time that Ororo was actually born in the United States and is therefore legally an American citizen, rather than a true African (although she was very young when her family emigrated there and she was raised in Egyptian culture.)
  • Mariko Yashida's reason for visiting the United States is never explained. Nor is the plot point of embassy officials trying to keep them apart followed up on. In the next issue, Wolverine will be depicted as already dating Mariko.
  • Black Tom remarks that Juggernaut has attempted to kill the X-Men (both old teams and new) six times, which is inaccurate. Juggernaut fought against the original X-Men in issue #s 12-13 (a two-part story), 32-33 (another two-part story) and 46, while he and Black Tom took on the new team in issue #s 101-103, making for a total of four times that Juggernaut opposed the X-Men.
  • Exactly why the Juggernaut and Black Tom want the X-Men dead is left fairly vague. While they (and especially the Juggernaut) certainly has a history with the team, in the last encounter they were working as hired guns for Erik the Red. In later appearances, Juggernaut will be characterized as fairly indifferent to the X-Men, acting more annoyed by them than actually hating them, and wanting nothing more than to be left alone by them.

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  • This issue is a prelude for the two-issue story-arc comprising X-Men #123 and #124 in Murderworld.
  • Lilandra Neramani is crowned Majestrix of the Shi'ar Empire in this issue.

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