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Quote1.png How do, Cyclops? Welcome to my "lady or the tiger" room. You have three doors -- one's a way out -- the other two lead to horrible deaths. The choice is yours Quote2.png

Appearing in "Listen -- Stop Me if You've Heard It -- But This One Will Kill You!"

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  • Arcade's sanitation trucks
  • Arcade's helicopter

Synopsis for "Listen -- Stop Me if You've Heard It -- But This One Will Kill You!"

The Amazing Spider-Man is swinging through New York's Greenwich Village when he recognizes Colleen Wing and Scott Summers and briefly stops in to say hello. Scott and Colleen are unaware that they are being watched by one of Arcade's minions, Mr. Chambers, who uses a specially rigged garbage truck to capture them. Overhearing this, Spider-Man recognizes the noise[3] and realizes Arcade must be after his friends and arrives too late to stop the kidnapping. Considering the fact that the Arcade might be after the X-Men, Spider-Man decides to try to get in touch with them.

Nightcrawler, Colossus, and their dates Amanda Sefton and Betsy Wilford are all gassed and taken prisoner by Miss Locke. When Wolverine ends a date with Mariko, he too is captured by Mr. Chambers. Arcade personally takes care of Banshee and Storm by breaking into the X-Mansion and taking them out with tranquilizer darts. When Spider-Man calls into the school, Arcade answers the phone and tells him that he's too late to warn his friends.

When the X-Men come around, they find themselves in uniform and placed in giant glass pinballs. Arcade introduces himself and sends them off through his gigantic pinball machine. After bouncing off a number of electrified bumpers, each ball goes down a separate slot, sending each X-Man into a different room.

Cyclops lands in a room where he has to make a choice between three doors, with only one leading to safety. In order to force him to make a decision, a moving wall threatens to crush him. Colossus ends up in a room where he is confronted by an android disguised as a KGB agent named Alexi Vazhin who begins interrogating him over his loyalty to Russia while powerful hypnotic lights confuse him. Wolverine ends up in a hall of mirrors that create distorted robotic duplicates of him to battle.

Somewhere else in the Murderworld, Nightcrawler is trapped in a room where remote control cars chase after him with cutting buzz saws. Banshee (who is still unable to use his mutant powers) has to make it through a holographic simulation of a World War II battle, where some of the model jets are real. And lastly, Storm finds herself trapped in a dark room that is filling with water. As her claustrophobia sets in, she tries to blast her way through the roof with a lightning bolt onto to have it reflected back at her.

Cyclops decides not to choose any of the doors and instead blasts through one of the walls with his optic blast. This clears a passage into the hall of mirrors and damages the replicating mirrors. After helping Wolverine dispatch of the last of them, the two X-Men head for the exit door only to be attacked by Colossus who has been brainwashed into thinking that he is a Russian loyalist called the Proletarian.

In Arcade's control room, Colleen, Amanda, and Betsy are being restrained in present-shaped harnesses and can only watch helplessly from the control monitor. Arcade howls with laughter, exclaiming that with Colossus under his control, the X-Men are finished.

This story is continued next issue.


  • Arcade knows the location of the X-Mansion. Presumably, he learned about it from the Juggernaut.

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  • This is the start of a two-part story that concludes next issue.

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