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On Muir Island, Moira MacTaggert begins examining Jean Grey to learn the upper limits of her Phoenix powers. After some examination she points out that Jean had unconsciously put up barriers to keep her powers at her previous levels following saving the universe from the M'Kraan Crystal[1] but now they seem to be returning to their cosmic level powers, and would like to know why. As Jean finishes up her test for the day, she recalls the events that brought her to Muir Island following the supposed deaths of her comrades[2].

However, the other X-Men are alive and well and believe Jean to be dead. They practice in the Danger Room until Wolverine loses his temper over "playing games" with the team and storms off. While high up in space aboard Asteroid M, Magneto goes over his computer records. When he comes across an old datafile on his late wife Magda, he deletes it so that he does not have to relive the pain of her passing. Meanwhile, the man named Jason Wyngarde, a mutant himself has been slowly molding the mind of Jean Grey since he first met her, taking on different guises and accessing her mind planting the seeds to transform her into his beloved Black Queen. This is while Jean is talking to Lorna about her relationship with Alex. In Moira's lab, Moira pores over the data and ponders over the fact that Jean has been granted the powers akin to a god and wonders where Charles Xavier may be and wishes he would come back. Xavier is still in the Shi'ar galaxy as Lilandra's consort. Xavier is spending his time considering the power that Jean Grey wields and realizes that he needs to return to Earth.

Back on Muir Island, Moira is going to tell Jean about the extent of her powers when she steps on a gold tooth. Examining it she realizes the problem and rushes to the room where Mutant X is stored and is horrified to find that the being is not there. Elsewhere on the island, Jean is wandering around when she detects an intruder in the vicinity. Changing into her costume she begins to search for the intruder when suddenly she finds herself seemingly transported back in time to the Victorian era for a brief moment. She snaps back to reality when someone jumps her, looking into the mans face she screams in terror bringing Alex and Madrox to go and investigate.

And in the States, having detected activity at the X-Mansion, the Beast returns to his old home to find that the X-Men he thought were dead are alive and well. He tells Scott that Jean is still alive and is staying on Muir Island. When Cyclops puts in a call, Lorna answers the phone and tells him that there is a security situation going on at the island. However, before she can explain further, Lorna is attacked by some strange being that has a need for her. The last thing Cyclops hears before the line goes dead is Lorna's screams.

This story is continued next issue....

  • This issue is reprinted in many other comics and books, see references for more info.[3]

  • This issue marks the first mention of Magda, Magneto's wife.

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