Quote1 The firing's stopped. I need a new host body -- I've almost burned this one out. But I daren't take one now. For the few seconds I'll need to possess any of these X-Men, I'll be too vulnerable. The risk is too great. Better to run, and survive. Quote2
-- Proteus / Mutant X

Appearing in "The Quality of Hatred!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Jennie Banks (First appearance) (Possessed by Proteus)
  • Unnamed constable (Possessed by Proteus)
  • Wallis (First appearance) (Joseph MacTaggert's butler)
  • Unnamed Scottish locals

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Synopsis for "The Quality of Hatred!"Edit

Continued from last issue....

Storm has failed to drive Proteus off with a powerful gust of wind as he inexorably closes to steal her body as his own! She risks flying once more, but Proteus warps space around her and brings her back to the ground - knocking her unconscious. Just when Storm seems doomed, a sniper distracts Proteus - the deadly metal of the bullets a real threat to him. On a nearby ridge, Moira MacTaggert aims to finish him off, but Cyclops stops her, not understanding that the only way to end this is with Proteus's death. Moira knocks Cyclops out to get her shot, but Proteus takes off in the X-Men's jeep, not wanting to be vulnerable while he switches bodies. Moira takes off after him.

The X-Men regroup and patch up their wounded. Wolverine, badly shaken by his encounter with Proteus, is verbally abused by Cyclops to snap him out of it. This escalates into a brawl, as Cyke planned, and he brings the other X-Men who fought Proteus into it. Finally, he sues for peace and explains his motivation - to test their psyches to see if there was any other damage not immediately apparent.

South of them, Proteus claims his next victim, Jennie Banks. He then hides the policeman's body, and fixes Jennie's flat tire, and continues on his way talking about killing "the one he hates".

Moira goes to see Joe MacTaggert, her estranged husband. She tells him he has a son, and that he's trying to kill him, and leaves. Proteus knows of this visit, and that it has hurt Moira, and he closes in for the kill.

The X-Men detect Joe's psychic 'death scream', and know they are close. However, Proteus has decided he wants Moira, and reality suddenly goes wild in Edinburgh! The X-Men arrive, but Proteus foils their initial assault, and grabs Moira as a hostage!

This story is continued next issue...


  • This issue is reprinted in many other comics and books, see references for more info.[1]


  • Cyclops reveals that Wolverine is the one who is to replace him as leader.
  • There is a minor geographical error in this issue, as it labels the small mountain in Holyrood Park as the Edinburgh Crag. Although this is adjoined the the Salisbury Crags, the mountain is actually named Arthur's Seat.

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  1. This story is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:

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