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Quote1.png I... hear you, butcher -- inside my mind -- laughing! You... enjoy causing pain... death. Before I met you, I never understood... evil. You are evil, Proteus. But you have made a fatal mistake. You toyed with me when you should have slain me. Allowing me time to change from Peter Rasputin... to Colossus! That mistake will be your last! Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Action of the Tiger!"

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Synopsis for "The Action of the Tiger!"

Continued from last issue.

Proteus’s reality-warping powers is affecting an ever-increasing radius of Edinburgh. The X-Men, including Havok and Polaris, are hard-pressed to rescue innocent civilians from the bizarre effects, let alone confront their opponent Proteus, who reflects on the events leading up to this standoff.

Meanwhile, Proteus amuses himself by sadistically toying with his mother, Moira. He transforms her into grotesque animal forms as punishment for keeping him in captivity for years. But while he is preoccupied with Moira, he is caught unaware when Banshee fires a bullet into his shoulder. Cyclops remarks that he asked the now-powerless Banshee to hang back. Sean retorts that Moira is the woman he loves and he will do anything to save her.

Proteus fights back by creating a deep pit directly beneath Banshee’s feet and he plummets into it. Nightcrawler teleports in to rescue him. As he’s climbing out with the now unconscious Banshee in tow, he realizes that Proteus is warping space around him, entombing him. Nightcrawler is forced to teleport out, despite it being a strain to teleport while carrying someone.

Proteus makes a tactical withdrawal and takes Moira with him. Phoenix catches up and nails him with a powerful psychic attack, but he successfully retaliates. Wolverine has caught up as well and tears into him with his deadly adamantium claws. Cyclops and Havok then let Proteus have it with both barrels. But while these attacks weaken Proteus, he still manages to escape from them with Moira as his prisoner. He retreats to the ramparts of Edinburgh Castle.

Colossus scales the castle walls in pursuit. Hoping to catch the evil mutant unaware, he initially attacks Proteus while in his human form. As his current physical form is rapidly decaying, Proteus prepares to steal Moira’s form when Colossus intervenes and tosses him away from her. The host body shatters against the wall, reduced to ashes by the blow, and Proteus is revealed as a being of pure energy. He takes delight in torturing Colossus's psyche as he slowly roasts him with fire and then prepares to take possession of his form. But Proteus hasn't figure in Peter's ability to transform himself into organic steel. Colossus transforms and thrusts himself into the heart of Proteus's energy form, dispersing it and killing him.

The scattered members of the team convene on the castle ramparts, where Colossus is consoling a distraught Moira. Even despite Proteus’s evil and her husband’s terrible treatment, she still loved both of them and is devastated by their deaths. When Banshee arrives, she collapses into his arms.

The X-Men quietly depart, leaving Sean to comfort Moira as best he can.

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  • This concludes the Proteus storyline that started in X-Men #126 and #127.

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