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Quote1.png Those are the last orders you're ever going to give, my long lost step-brother! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Where Walks the Juggernaut"

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  • Johnny Storm's Corvette Stingray
  • an airplane

Synopsis for "Where Walks the Juggernaut"

Continued from last issue...

The Juggernaut -- Charles Xavier's mystically enhanced step-brother -- has finally returned home to once more renew his rivalry with his brother. Charles attempts to protect himself with his vast mental powers, but finds to his shock and surprise that Cain's helmet protects him from mental attacks. The X-Men revive and with Marvel Girl’s telekinetic powers lifting up the Juggernaut, Cyclops blasts the floor out from under their foe causing him to crash into the ground below, giving the X-Men time to retreat back and try to come up with a means of defeating their attacker.

Xavier takes the X-Men to the lab and the Professor builds a device that allows him to amplify his mental projections and sends out a thought wave into the city to seek allies in defeating the Juggernaut. Meanwhile, Cyclops and Angel go back to where they last saw the Juggernaut, attempting to keep him at bay using Cyke's optic blasts. However, the Juggernaut smashes his way around the two X-Men and gets the drop on them. Neither Angel’s fists, nor Cyclops’ optic blasts are capable of stopping their enemy.

Back in the lab, the Professor manages to contact both Rick Jone's Teen Brigade and Matt Murdock, (who is secretly the hero Daredevil) however, neither can come to the X-Men's aid. To stall for time, the Professor sends Beast and Iceman to go help Cyclops and Angel, who are having a hard time keeping the Juggernaut back.

As Iceman and Beast join the fray, Charles attempts to get the aid of the Fantastic Four's Johnny Storm (Aka the Human Torch) who is out testing a new modified car with some of his classmates. Hearing the Professor's mental call for help, Johnny assumes that it might be from one of the Fantastic Four's many villains and dismisses it.

Although he is trapped in an ice block, the Juggernaut manages to break free and battles the Beast in hand to hand combat. The Beast only succeeds in getting his foot injured, however this does not stop the brainy mutant, who lures the Juggernaut into the Danger Room and activates all of its traps in the hope that it can defeat this seemingly unstoppable foe. The Juggernaut survives the traps and then knocks the Beast out when he throws back a rolling cylinder.

By this time, the Professor has finally managed to convince the Human Torch to come the X-Men's rescue and then goes with Marvel Girl to help the others. Jean keeps the Juggernaut off balance by lifting him in the air with her telekinetic powers until the Torch arrives. Johnny uses his flame powers to blind the Juggernaut and commands the reviving Angel to remove the helmet from the Juggernaut’s head that beast had loosened earlier in battle. Without his protective helmet, the Juggernaut is easily struck down by the Professor's mental powers.

With the battle over, the Professor thanks Johnny for his help. He wishes that the secret of the X-Men's headquarters remain a mystery and erases the memory from Johnny's mind and sends him on his way. Later, the male members of the X-Men are sent to bed to recover from the injuries they sustained battling the Juggernaut with Jean acting as their nurse, much to the pleasure of the men. Proud of his X-Men, the Professor tells him he has an award for them when they are once more able to be up and about.



  • Werner Roth helped pencil this issue under the pseudonym Jay Gavin
  • This issue is the first X-Men issue where Marvel used the Marvel logo on the front cover stating, "Marvel Pop Art Productions". Marvel had attempted to change the name and found that the readers did not like the new change. After receiving multiple fan mail letters Stan Lee wrote in his Bullpen Bulletin that Marvel changed the name back to the original based on the number of letters they received.
  • The Human Torch makes his first appearance in the pages of this series.
  • Daredevil has a one-panel cameo in this issue. He doesn't turn up again in this title until #351, more than 300 issues later.
  • There was a typo when Johnny first distrusted Professor X's call because of the Reed/Sue wedding. Stan said the wedding was in Fantastic Four Annual 4, but really in Annual 3.

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