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Quote1.png Now I understand the strange stirrings within me that tortured my soul almost from my first conscious moment! For, my father's blood, though unknown to me, could not be silenced! Yes -- I know my calling now! I am your -- queen! Quote2.png
Lorna Dane

Appearing in "-- Hail, Queen of Mutants!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:





  • Mesmero's missile-car

Synopsis for "-- Hail, Queen of Mutants!"

With Iceman and Lorna Dane captured, Mesmero takes them to his secret "City of Mutants", the staging ground for his mutant militia. There, Iceman is imprisoned while Mesmero's scientists work to awaken Lorna's latent mutant powers. Meanwhile, the other X-Men has stormed Mesmero's San Francisco mansion to find opposition from his Demi-Men who easily defeat the group with a special gas apparently created by Magneto himself. With the X-Men downed, the squad leader of the Demi-Men orders them taken to the Mutant City.

There, Mesmero's machines awaken Lorna's latent mutant abilities, which manifest as control over magnetism. Calling her the daughter of Magneto, Mesmero dubs her M-2 and orders the just arriving X-Men to bow to her supremacy. Refusing, the X-Men prepare to attack and Iceman manages to free himself by freezing his bonds to the point that they shatter from the intense cold. With Lorna under his control, Mesmero orders her to use her powers against the X-Men and she complies, unleashing a powerful magnetic blast... However, it's unleashed against Mesmero's men and not the X-Men. The strain knocks her out, and she is saved from a fall by Angel.

The X-Men then rushes in for the attack, but before they can strike Mesmero, they are blocked by some barrier. Then out of the shadows, to everyone's shock and surprise, Magneto reveals himself to be alive and well.

Appearing in "This Boy -- This Bombshell!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Conquistador (First appearance) (Cameo)
  • Chico, Conquistador's Lieutenant

Other Characters:

  • Unnamed coach and football players
  • Three unnamed thieves
  • Unnamed policemen


Synopsis for "This Boy -- This Bombshell!"

Quote1.png I hope Lady Luck is among the pulsating patrons of today's game! Quote2.png

The young Hank McCoy is raised by his parents Norton and Edna McCoy, who find that raising a mutant child with superior strength and agility is difficult, but they still raise a well-rounded boy. Reaching his high school years, the academic Hank is pressured by the football captain to kick a ball, trying to show his team that a lowly freshman can play better football than them. To everyone's surprise, Hank's mutant nature makes him adept at playing football and he's soon invited to join the team. Hank does and becomes a football sensation.

During one of his games, the box office is robbed by a gang of crooks who try to steal the money from ticket sales. Witnessing the robbery, Hank uses his mutant abilities to knock out all the crooks, his daring actions are televised on national television, attracting the attention of a costumed villain known as the Conquistador, who seeks to exploit Hank for his own criminal ends.


  • This issue is the first to feature the new X-Men cover logo. It was created by Jim Steranko.

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