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Quote1.png Let me assure you -- I am very much alive! For I am a direct descendant of the immortal ones! Pharaohs have 10,000 lives! But you have only one -- and it is about to end! Quote2.png
Living Pharaoh

Appearing in "Wanted: Dead or Alive... Cyclops!"

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Other Characters:

  • NYPD
    • Fred (NYPD officer)
  • Unnamed faculty, students & guests at Old London College graduation




  • NYPD helicopter

Synopsis for "Wanted: Dead or Alive... Cyclops!"

Coming to his senses in a museum’s Egyptian exhibit, Cyclops finds himself held at gunpoint by a police officer who is accusing him of murder, his memory foggy, Cyclops thinks back to how this all began....

A few days back, Scott and the other X-Men visited Scott's brother, Alex Summers, who has just graduated from Old Landon College. While there, Scott thinks about how his brother was adopted while he remained at the orphanage and wonders if his brother is also a mutant. After being congratulated by Scott, Alex goes to change out of his cap and gown when he is attacked by men dressed in ancient Egyptian clothing. They are hailing Alex as royalty and telling him that they are minions of a man called the Pharaoh as they gas Alex and take him hostage.

When Scott and the others go to check on Alex, they find his room is empty, but signs of a struggle are visible. With Jean's telepathic abilities, the X-Men track Alex to the Egyptian exhibit at the museum about to be sacrificed by a man named the Living Pharaoh. Interrupting the Pharaoh, the group fights him, learning that he can fire energy bolts from his hands and uses artifacts that he claims are magic, however, are in reality just Egyptian themed weapons. Although the Pharaoh calls his minions to defend him, the X-Men easily overpower them with their powers. Marvel Girl attempts to stop the Pharaoh by using her mental powers on him; however, he uses a sonic attack to stun the X-Men so that he and his minions can escape.

Freeing Alex from his bonds, Cyclops reveals to him his secret identity, much to Alex's surprise. The other X-Men leave Scott and Alex to return to base so that Scott can explain his double identity to his brother. While the two are talking they are ambushed by the Living Pharaoh who has returned. The Pharaoh knocks them out with an energy bolt and when Cyclops is revived by the police, he is accused of killing the Pharaoh himself. Scott finds that Alex is nowhere to be found and believes his brother might have been responsible for killing the Pharaoh and might need his help. Resisting arrest, Cyclops disarms the police officers with his optic blast and escapes into the escape tunnel that the Pharaoh had used to escape.

While at the X-Mansion, the other X-Men hear a radio report detailing that the police are looking for Cyclops in connection with the death of the Pharaoh. They decide to return to the city and help their comrade. Cyclops travels deeper down the escape tunnel and is ultimately confronted by the Pharaoh, who is alive and well. He claims that he is immortal and that he will kill Cyclops for his meddling.

This story is continued next issue...

Appearing in "The Million Dollar Angel"

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  • Unnamed headmaster & students


Synopsis for "The Million Dollar Angel"

Telling the origin of the X-Men’s Angel...

Our story begins some years ago when a young Warren Worthington III exasperates his parents Kathryn and Warren Jr. by climbing up in a tree to get a closer look at some eggs in a nest. When Warren is scared out of the tree by the owner of the nest, Warren just barely manages to avoid a nasty fall by landing in the Worthington swimming pool. Sequestered to his room to recover, Warren's parents lament over their young son's fascinations with heights of late, the tree being only the most recent of many attempts to climb up on things.

As a teenager, Warren is enlisted in a private boy’s school where he becomes a star athlete, one day while in the change room the other boys make jokes at Warren's expense when they notice his abnormally large shoulder blades. One night Warren wakes up in the middle of the night to find a large feather in his bed. Going to the bathroom to look at his back, Warren finds that a pair of bird-like wings are starting to grow out. Getting bigger each day, Warren at first is impressed by his new wings, but he then realizes that they will mark him as a freak and wonders what he will do. Detecting smoke, Warren realizes that a fire has started and leaves his room to investigate. Trapped on his floor by flames, Warren takes a risk and jumps out of a window to realize his wings actually allow him to fly.

Hearing cries for help, Warren decides to do something to save his fellow students. Rushing to the Drama room, he finds a nightshirt and a wig to conceal his identity. Looking like a Biblical angel, Warren rescues the boys by using a rope to pull them out of the building to safety. When all of the boys are safe, Warren sneaks away and offs his disguise (concealing his wings in the process) and meets up with his classmate’s tales of how a guardian angel saved their lives.

This story is continued next issue...

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  • This is the start of a three-part storyline that continues in X-Men #55 and Vol 1 56.

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