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Quote1.png My story isn't a pretty one, ladies and's true!! Listen to it, and you'll understand...why mutants are the greatest single danger facing mankind today! You see, I am not the first Trask to outcry the mutant menace! My father did the same, three years ago! And the mutants killed him for it!! Quote2.png
Larry Trask

Appearing in "The Sentinels Live!"

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  • Egyptian National Police
    • Egyptian Policemen (Unnamed)
  • NYPD
  • NBS Television Host (Unnamed)

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  • X-Men's Aero-Car

Synopsis for "The Sentinels Live!"

New York City: Lorna Dane has settled into a new apartment and is still trying to adjust to the fact that she is a mutant with magnetic powers when she is suddenly attacked and captured by the mutant-hunting Sentinels.

While in Egypt, the X-Men attempt to calm down Cyclops' brother Alex Summers, who is horrified by the destructive force of his mutant powers, of which he fears that he has little control over. Alex explains that his powers where what destroyed the Egyptian temple that was the Living Monolith's temple, causing the Monolith to be reverted to ordinary Ahmet Abdol, a simple archeologist. When authorities arrive, the X-Men attempt to turn Abdol over to them, however, Abdol's notoriety in the area as an archeologist allows Abdol to turn the tables and demand that the police arrest Alex instead for destroying his archeological dig. When they attempt to arrest Alex, the young mutant panics and fires a plasma blast from his hands at the soldiers. The X-Men then intervenes while Alex flees into the desert. Furious over the situation, Cyclops and the other X-Men easily defeat the officers and chase after Alex in their jet-car.

The X-Men pass a cavern, unaware that is where Alex has gone to hide and lament over his unstable powers. Alex's worries are short-lived when a new menace appears, another Sentinel that easily captures the confused mutant. As the X-Men continue their search, they are alerted by Cerebro that someone had attacked Lorna Dane's apartment. Worried over his love interest, Iceman convinces Scott to allow him and Beast return to the United States and investigate Lorna's disappearance while the others continue their search for Alex in Egypt, unaware that the mastermind behind the Sentinel's resurrection is well aware of their splitting up and hopes to use it to his benefit.

Arriving in New York, Iceman and Beast search Lorna's apartment for clues, however, they are interrupted by the police who think that they are involved. Trying to escape, Beast almost falls from the apartment building to a nasty death on the pavement below when one of the officers on the scene tosses a chair at him and Bobby, knocking them both out the broken apartment window. However, Iceman manages to save them and the two mutants decide to escape to Scott's apartment and see if they can find any information about the attack on the news. They happen upon a news program where Federal Judge Robert Chalmers is denouncing mutants as a menace on national television. With him is Larry Trask, the son of Bolivar Trask the Sentinel's original creator.

Trask has appeared on the news blaming mutants for his father's death. He would go on and explain that he was present when his father built his first Sentinel before going off to College. Upon his return he was horrified to find that his father was killed during a battle between the X-Men and the Sentinels. Having kept a dossier on mutants over the years to prove his claims and with recent reports of the X-Men's battle with Egyptian authorities, he proclaims to the television audience that the mutant menace will be eliminated and that the Sentinels live again.

As Bobby and Hank watch this startling development, they are completely unaware that a Sentinel has tracked them down and is peering into Scott's apartment, poised to strike any moment. This story is continued next issue...

Appearing in "The Female of the Species!"

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  • Thug (Unnamed)
  • Thief (Unnamed)

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Synopsis for "The Female of the Species!"

In this backup feature, Marvel Girl explains to the reading audience how her telepathic and telekinetic powers work. Beginning with her telekinetic powers, Jean explains that she can use her mind to lift objects from something as small as an apple to something large like a sofa. She also shows how she can manipulate objects with her telekinetic powers by peeling an apple with a knife and deflecting an enemy weapon. She also explains how her powers can get her out of traps, such as allowing her to control a pair of scissors to cut off a blindfold and ropes that are bound to her hands, or use them to turn the bolt of a locked door from the opposite side or allow her to seemingly walk above a flaming pit without harm. Finally, she demonstrates that she can use her telekinesis to lift herself up and allow her to land safely on the ground.

Next to explaining her telepathic powers, she explains that she can use them to cause pain in someone's mind, downing even the most powerful villain with a mental bolt. She explains that her powers help her out in everyday life which she demonstrates by tripping up a would-be purse snatcher. At the end, when a bunch of male onlookers of the scene pay attention to her beauty, she confesses that being able to make a man turn his head requires no effort at all.



  • Jean Grey doesn't get an origin like the other characters did, but she does get this issue to show off her powers in the supplemental story. (In Silver-Age continuity, Jean first meets the X-Men and Professor X in X-Men #1, and thus no origin is necessary - she already has one from the first issue!) However, in Bizarre Adventures #27, it's revealed that Jean Grey had a relationship established with Professor X far before the formation of the X-Men.

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