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Quote1.png When next all you mutant-haters gather for group therapy, kindly inform friend Trask that he's out of his condominium! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Mission: Murder!"

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Synopsis for "Mission: Murder!"

Continued from last issue...

While watching a news story about Larry Trask, son of the late Sentinel inventor Bolivar Trask, Iceman and Beast are attacked by a new model Sentinel. As the news story plays on and Trask reveals that he has rebuilt and redesigned his father’s robots with new weapons and that they can be pre-programmed with orders or operated by a remote control helmet, Bobby and Hank fight their attacker. While Bobby is captured by the Sentinel, Beast is forced to flee the scene when he realizes that he is outclassed against his Sentinel attacker.

While in Egypt, Cyclops, Marvel Girl and Angel take a break from their search for Scott's brother Alex to listen to answer a radio call from Hank. Hank explains to the group of Larry Trask and his Sentinels and Bobby's subsequent capture, but has to cut the transmission short to focus on avoiding capture himself. Warren defies Cyclops' orders and decides to fly back to the United States on his own to help his friends against the Sentinel menace.

While at the secret hideout of Larry Trask, Larry talks to Justice Robert Chalmers who expresses concerns about the "proof" Larry has provided that all mutants are a menace and to tell him that the public is not entirely sold on the idea. Larry agrees to let the press talk to the captured X-Man once he is rendered harmless. When Bobby arrives at the Sentinel base, Larry has him treated to a chemical steam bath that nullifies his ice powers for four hours. When Bobby attempts to attack Trask, a Sentinel stops him and Larry reveals that a hidden video camera had recorded the attempted attack which he intends to use as proof of the "mutant menace" that he is trying to sell, and vows to get revenge on the X-Men for his father’s death.

Taken to a holding cell, Iceman finds both Lorna and Alex there. He learns from Alex that Trask had designed him a special suit to control and regulate his powers and given him the codename Havok. Alex then tells Bobby that he was given all this in return for making a deal with Trask so that Lorna would be left alone. However, Bobby brands Alex a coward before hearing this, and as he's being told a Sentinel enters the room and grabs Lorna. Realizing that Trask's word was meaningless he unleashes a powerful plasma blast that destroys the Sentinel. Entering the room with another Sentinel, Larry then uses a device that nullifies Alex's powers. This horrifies Alex as this will reawaken the mutant abilities of Professor Abdol allowing him to transform into the Living Monolith once more.

While in Egypt Ahmet Abdol is meeting with government officials about his altercation with the X-Men earlier when he suddenly feels his powers returning to him. However before he can completely transform into the Living Monolith once more, two Sentinels arrive on the scene and douse Abdol with a special adhesive that blocks him from the cosmic rays that feed his power, neutralizing his threat and allowing for easy capture.

Trask sends out an army of Sentinels to capture all of the remaining mutants in the world, and a pair captures Angel with ease. This capture is watched through the horrified eyes of Scott and Jean who witness this capture while looking out the window of the airplane they are using to fly back to the States. While at a secret hideout, Mesmero and Magneto are attacked by another Sentinel. When Magneto attempts to stop the robot, it blasts him revealing that the being that Mesmero has been working for all these months was not the real Magneto, but a robot and he is easily captured by the Sentinels.

With only a few mutants still free, Larry considers his task a success and welcomes the arrival of Judge Chalmers who Larry proudly shows his work too. When Chalmers realizes that the captured mutants are being kept in suspended animation he expresses his displeasure that the mutants are not detained in a more humane way. This comment infuriates Larry who tells the judge that if he cannot count on his support he will deal with the mutant menace alone. However, Chalmers manages to calm down the emotional Trask. Larry then turns his attention to the members of the X-Men who are still not yet captured, who are planning on locating the kidnapped mutants with a mini Cerebro unit. As Trask watches this, he swears that he will capture these mutants. He swears on the medallion that he is wearing and reflects that it was a gift from his father shortly after the death of his mother, at that time Bolivar had asked his son to swear to never take it off.

Larry's recollection is cut short when suddenly his base is attacked by the Banshee who attempts to destroy the Sentinels with his sonic screams, however, Trask had built Sentinels specifically to deal with him and they knock out the sonic-screaming mutant with a sonic blast counter-attack. Furious at this attack, Larry orders the Sentinels to hunt down the remaining mutants and destroy them. Not wanting to be party to murder, Chalmers attempts to stop Larry, and is forced to strike the boy. The force of the blow knocks the medallion off of Larry, and upon that happening the Sentinels detect the presence of another mutant, Larry himself.

A nearby Sentinel grabs Larry and informs him that because he is a mutant his command over them is null and void, and that despite this they are going to carry out his last command; destroy all mutants.

This story is continued next issue...

Solicit Synopsis

The sinister SENTINELS seem on the verge of total victory over earth's mutants — then, enter the X-Men, and the mysterious man called . . . HAVOK! It's a brain-blaster!


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