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Appearing in "Strangers a Savage Land"

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Synopsis for "Strangers a Savage Land"

Having recovered from his battle against Sauron, Angel learns from Havok and Lorna that the X-Men went after Karl Lykos at the Anderssen residence. There, Warren finds Mr. Anderssen and learns that the X-Men subsequently went to Tierra Del Fuego, going after Anderssen's daughter Tanya who had foolishly gone after Lykos who went there to die. Finding Tanya, she explains that Lykos died and tells him that his fellow X-Men had gone down below the icy cavern to find the body. Warren flies down and finds that the cavern leads to the Savage Land, where he is attacked by Pterodactyls. Struck by one of the dinosaurs, Warren plummets to the prehistoric jungle below. The fall is near-fatal, and the dying Warren is found by a frog-like humanoid named Amphibious and his master, a silver-haired man called the Creator. The Creator pronounces that Angel is dead and believes that even death is not reversible by his own science.

Elsewhere in the Savage Land, the X-Men have their own dinosaur troubles while searching for the body of Karl Lykos. They are attacked by a Tyrannosaurus Rex which they easily fend off. They are then visited by their old ally Ka-Zar, who demands that they be silent. When Iceman annoyingly encases Ka-Zar's pointed hand with ice, this causes the lord of the Savage Land to lash out. Ka-Zar briefly spars with Beast until the fight is broken off by the arrival of Ka-Zar's trusted sabertooth tiger, Zabu. Deciding that his fight is with others, Ka-Zar darts off into the jungle with Zabu, with the curious X-Men following after him. The X-Men witness as Ka-Zar attacks one of the Creator's Mutates (Equilibrius) leading the Swamp Men with a number of captured members of the Water People Tribe. When the X-Men see that the Mutates have super-powers, they jump into the battle, lending Ka-Zar a much-needed hand.

While at the high tech base of the Creator, the Creator uses his cryogenic devices to attempt to revive Warren back to life while his other Mutates, Brainchild, Lupo, Gaza, Piper, Amphibius, and Barbarus watch on. The experiment is a success and Warren is brought back from the brink of death. When Equilibrius returns to the base and informs the Creator that Ka-Zar had attacked him with the X-Men's aid, the Creator tells Warren that Ka-Zar has become a killer who impedes his work. Owing to the Creator of his life, Warren agrees to help him fight off Ka-Zar's attacking forces even if it means fighting his own comrades in the X-Men.

Back at the battle between Ka-Zar, the X-Men, and the Swamp People, the heroes defeat the Swamp People and Ka-Zar allows them to flee. Leading the X-Men onward, he overhears the music played by the Mutate the Piper, whose music calls forth a sea beast to attack them. While the X-Men keep the creature busy, Ka-Zar and Zabu locate Piper and silence him, while the X-Men easily defeat the monster.

Back at the Creator's base, the Creator explains Warren that using his technology he was able to mutate some of the Savage Land primitives into the beings that he sees before them, he introduces Warren to them and reveals their various powers and abilities as a result of their mutations. Warren is awestruck, and goes so far as to consider the Creator like a prehistoric Professor X. Once again directing Warren's attention to the fact that the X-Men and Ka-Zar are approaching his base, Warren tells the Creator that he will seek out his friends and try to talk them into joining the Creator's side.

When Warren leaves, the please Creator's true colors show. He is really an evil genius hoping to use his work here to try and take over the world. When Amphibious asks if the Angel suspects, the Creator scoffs at the notion, going to a secret room where he marvels about how Warren did not recognize him, putting his hand down on the helmet of Magneto, the Creator muses that clothes really do make the man.

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A mutant menace — in the savage land of Ka-Zar! Plus a senses-shocking mystery villain!


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