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Quote1 It's almost too rich...too fraught with black humor! The high-flying Angel...on his way to do battle with his fellow X-Men and Ka-Zar...and hardly suspecting that the one he seeks to protect is...Magneto! Quote2

Appearing in "War in the World Below!"

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Synopsis for "War in the World Below!"

Continued from the last issue...

Magneto has set up shop in the Savage Land, using his technology to create powerful Mutates out of the savages in the area. After reviving Angel from the brink of death, he has convinced the young mutant that he is being persecuted by Ka-Zar, who has teamed up with the other X-Men to stop him. Not recognizing the creator as his oldest foe, Angel flies off to try and get his comrades to switch over to Magneto's side, a plan that Magneto gloats over.

When Warren arrives, the X-Men are shocked to find their friend and in a modified costume to boot. When he mentions having met the Creator, Ka-Zar attacks him and demands answers, however, the X-Men try to break up the fight, prompting Ka-Zar and Zabu to flee to pursue the Creator on their own. Angel quickly explains how the Creator saved him from death and he claims that Ka-Zar is in the wrong. Following after the king of the Savage Land, they see the Mutate Gaza get the drop on Ka-Zar. Trying to break up the fight, the X-Men are attacked by Amphibious and an army of savages loyal to the Creator. With Amphibious ordering the X-Men and Ka-Zar's death, the X-Men realize that the Creator is not as benevolent as they originally thought and mount a counterattack.

Feeling guilty over almost siding with a murderer, Angel decides to face the Creator on his own and flies off into his citadel. There he is confronted by the Creator, who reveals that he is really Magneto. Shocked to find his old enemy alive and well, Warren learns how Magneto survived their last encounter. When his base was destroyed, he managed to escape a drowning death by using his magnetic powers to burrow through the Earth where he traveled to the Savage Land and decided to make it his home. With the story of how he cheated death revealed, Magneto turns Warren's attention to a glowing sphere, and something within shocks Warren.

Outside, the X-Men and Ka-Zar have finished off the last of their opposition and storm the Creator's citadel. They burst through the fence to find wolves on the other side waiting for them; however, they are fended off by Zabu. Entering the base, they are attacked by Amphibious and Brainchild, whom they easily defeat. Taking Amphibious as their hostage, Beast forces him to lead the way to their master, whom they are equally as shocked to find is Magneto, alive and well. The Master of Magnetism reveals his latest Mutate creation, Lorelei, a Mutate whose voice enthralls all the men in the room.

Lorelei's voice has no effect on Marvel Girl who attacks Magneto, putting the evil mutant at a distinct disadvantage because he is not able to use his full magnetic powers around his sensitive machinery. Magneto is forced to use high tech devices to defend himself. Marvel Girl keeps Magneto distracted with her telekinetic attacks and uses her telepathic powers on Lorelei to silence her long enough for the other X-Men to snap out of their trances. Free from Lorelei's control, Cyclops uses his optic blasts on Magneto's machines causing them to explode.

Too late to stop the exploding machines, Magneto is lost in the explosions, seemingly killed once more, while the X-Men flee the base with the Mutates. Once outside, the X-Men watch in surprise as the Mutates are restored back to their normal forms with the destruction of Magneto's devices. With the threat ended, Ka-Zar wonders who could live with such fantastic powers when they would potentially bring them nothing but fear and loathing from normal humans, the Beast responds for the whole group by saying the X-Men can.

Solicit Synopsis

Magneto returns — with a new horde of Evil Mutants at his side! Guest-starring the one and only Ka-Zar!


  • Tom Palmer is credited as "Embellisher".

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  • This is the conclusion to a two-part storyline that started last issue.

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