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Lila Cheney
And look who you get to perform your death scene with.
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Longshot (Mojoverse) from Exiles Vol 1 74 001.png
Lucky me.
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Appearing in "The X-Men Vs The X-Men! (Again)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Unnamed Mojo slaves
  • Various soldiers/residents of Mojoverse
  • Shatterstar (Mentioned)

Races & Species:



Synopsis for "The X-Men Vs The X-Men! (Again)"

Dazzler recovers and meet Mojo II “the sequel” (one of Mojo’s earlier clones), he convinces her to lead a direct attack against Mojo, meanwhile the X-MEN are trapped inside Mojo’s sadistic TV show, "the Wizard of X", which keeps them fighting among themselves due to Mojo’s influence. Xavier, however, manages to link with Psylocke’s mind turning her back into herself. She then quickly takes Cyclops from behind, removing his visor in the process, and psi-thrusting him on the head, causing him to shoot, with his naked eyes, a powerful optic-blast against Mojo's control booth. Unfortunately it was protected by an alloy called Mojonium™, so Psylocke guided Cyclops to shoot a second blast that directly hits Rogue and causing her to be pushed all the way to the top of the sky while breaking the Mojonium™ dome in the process. After a short distraction Rogue made a entrance striking Mojo from behind and almost at the same time Dazzler and Mojo II “the sequel” come to help. Mojo then shows the X-Men that he is extremely powerful, but he was defeated by the X-Men anyway, causing him to suddenly disappear without a trace.

Beast (reciting a poem)
There comes a time 'twixt life and death

When all men stop to catch their breath.
We ask the stars 'Why?', we question our lot,
The heavens open wide and reply, 'Why not?'

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Appearing in "Over... Again"

Featured Characters:



  • Unnamed tropical island


  • The Xavier Files

Synopsis for "Over... Again"

  • Synopsis not yet written


  • When Dazzler is next seen in X-Men (Vol. 2) #47, she is no longer pregnant. X-Force member Shatterstar, hinted to be the child here, was confirmed as Longshot and Dazzler's baby in X-Factor #259.
  • Scott Williams is not credited with inking in the credits, but signed his work on the last page of the first story.
  • In the 2nd story, the colourist credit is not given. It is assumed to be Mike Rockwitz, who colored the first part of this second storyline.

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